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The Onesie

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My first love, of cannabis growing was my first box I made from electric motor shipping crates, I went dumpster diving for 20 years ago  now.

And, I need some thinking activity, as the winter doldrums are attacking me right now,  well one other reason, to show a lurker, that you do not need big lights, big area, or a pile of money to grow dakine. 

It's a very simple enclosed grow area, I made with scraps, and box of free light bulbs from our local electric company, you get by asking them for the bulbs.

So with some garden fence wire, a 3 gallon pot and saucer (screwed together) add some Reflectix insulation, silver tape, and 2 construction wired sockets you would use to daisy chain some temporary light on a construction site, and 2 salvaged the cords from a pair of fans that went belly up once upon a time. 

This is the first of 3 of the Onesie Group that will be a complete system, clone/seedling Onesie, veggitating Onesie, and a flower Onesie.

I have the plant picked out to start off with. It's a bit to tall, so my first cutting is a topping really, and that will be where the veg Onesie will be needed, and once rooted and ready for shaping the clone Onesie will come on line.

Each of these will have a hard backed foam constructed outer cover that simply lifts off each one. These have not been made yet, as my pick up is still full of snow.

Honestly I do not need the covers, since I need to do some cutting, training with some recuperating time.

Organic nutrients, mostly Dr.Earth stuff. I'll be starting various jars of fermenting concoctions, fermented kelp, fermented garlic bulbs, and a fish hydrolysate. I've got a small hydro set up rolling around in my wee brain that may pop out also.

So some pics of my silly cheapo Onesie.

The last pic is the light source for the clone Onesie, when I make it, in a few days. We'll see.

Onesie 006.JPG

Onesie 008.JPG

Onesie 002.JPG

Onesie 010.JPG

Onesie 011.JPG

Onesie 013.JPG

Onesie 015.JPG

Onesie 017.JPG

Onesie 016.JPG

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and?   ,     what was your  outcome?     i love the pragmatic style,      can do.

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I cycled it twice, got 56 grams of dried bud, and some 5-7 grams of scruff for edibles. The second cycle, 60 grams of bud, and about the same for scruff.

This was more of a bored tinkering fool quest.

I recently retired this set up, and tore it apart and reused the wire frame to teach myself how to craft a shape and cover it with fiberglass to be used as a carry all on the back of my Honda scooter.

Now, I'm using a modified laundry basket, that is enforced and painted over with truck bedliner to keep it stronger. Then it has bungees to tie it down, on a large rear rack, that was swapped out for the original smaller rack.

It has worked perfect for 10 years now, but I know sooner of later it will fail.

I checked fab shops, tin knockers, and a plastic forming service, the costs was just crazy expensive, due to being a one off item.

So I enroll at You Tube university, and scour the fiber glasser's sites. 

I first formed the garden wire to the baskets shape, then I cut and fit pieces of Reflectix insulation, to the inside and outside of the frame.

I then hog ringed the skins to the frame. Today I start cutting, fitting all the glass pieces, marking them for where they go, and maybe get the outside of it resin coated.

Should this idea fail, I have a second plan, where I'll use a mold release agent, then apply thin multiple glass sheets to make an almost exact copy of the basket, and forget the wire frame. Like I said, I'm just a tinkering fool.

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