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Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkiller

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Just a friendly reminder, No One Should be on these drugs.

Several years ago, a 2009 study published in the journal Cell found that both Neurontin and Lyrica are, in essence, a death sentence for new brain synapses. After observing the neurological effects of both these drugs, researchers concluded that they could drastically limit the brain’s ability to rejuvenate brain plasticity and, therefore, cause even faster rates of brain decline.[4]

Furthermore, in March 2017, scientists published a study in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences emphasizing the frightening adverse side effects of Lyrica, the more powerful Neurontin. In this animal study, researchers found that after three weeks of Lyrica usage, pathological damage occurred – regardless of the dose. Continued use of Lyrica eventually led to muscle loss and atrophy, as well as brain shrinkage.

The Most Common Scary Lyrica and Neurontin Side Effects

After reading this list, we’re not sure why anyone would want to continue using this drug or others like it. But here are the side effects:[2]

Upper stomach pain, chest pain
Severe tingling, numbness
Difficulty or pain during urination
Swollen feet, ankles
Mood swings, behavioral changes
Headaches, dizziness, drowsiness
Coordination problems
Memory problems
Anxiety, panic attacks
Trouble sleeping
Impulsive feelings
Irritable, agitated
Hostile, aggressive
Restless, mentally or physically hyperactive
Trouble concentrating
Depression, thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkiller

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Before cannabis became an option my pain Doc had me try this and that to see what worked. Trying out new drugs is often unrewarding, either they don't work or the side effects are too much. I hated the process but really had no options at the time.

I tried Neurontin (Gabapentin) at some point early on and it showed some promise but we had to keep increasing the dose until I was at 3300 mg a day. I made me edgy, distracted and kind of foggy sometimes but it was the most effective one so far so I kept on it for a year or so.

Then they came out with Lyrica ( PreGabalin) which is a reworking or Neurontin so I was switched to that. It also showed promise and at a much lower dose. The side effects were less than Neurontin but it still gave a nervous kind of buzz that I didn't care for. Six months after starting Lyrica I was 60 pounds heavier weighing in at around 260 pounds. After a year I was having to increase the dose every few months and after 2 years I had had enough. Six months after quitting Lyrica I was back down to 200 pounds and have stayed there since.

Problem was we had tried all the pain meds my Doc thought would be helpful. The only thing left was opiods and I had been avoiding that option for 12 years by then. I didn't want to take opiods but I had nothing left to try. When you are in enough pain you wind up doing whatever it takes to make it stop so hydrocodone it was, 10 mg. caps 8 times a day for the next 18 months. It sucked. I hated it and finally decided to give Cannabis a try. A friend fronted me the money to set up a grow room and my life changed forever. Then I was given a random cross from a guy in the Czech Republic that worked like a miracle on my nerve pain. It is called Phuuu's IPA in his honor and to this day, 7 years or so after first trying, it works better than anything I have ever tried. Phuuu Ad had no idea when he was kind enough to share some beans with me that his cross would have such an impact on my life. I am forever grateful for this bit of kismet.

Cannabis basically saved my life. Nothing good was going to come from 80 mg of opiods a day and none of the other drugs worked so until cannabis came along I was just bidding time. Now it is hard to remember, hard to imagine my life back then. Here's hoping the medical world wakes up and starts giving cannabis a place at the table.

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