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tattooed freak

Stardawg day 75 nearly there

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Well damm someone had to muck up my wwxxl

Auto lol

That thing gives it a run for sure

Nicely done :P

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Damn Tat Freak, you got some fat ass ladies in there. Looking good bro, very impressive buds.

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Yeah bro, that is awesome. I grew one that stayed in a smaller pot and I grew it outside and early. I can't wait to do it inside and in a bigger pot. I love the smoke. Mine was small, though. I did get a good yield for the size, but man, you nailed it.

What size pot are you in? I see soil in one pic. Are you running organic? And, is that one plant? I'm counting 9 massive colas in the one pic! 

Tell us your secrets bro! ha

I do want to hear what you think of it. Mine seems to lean more Chem for sure. I've been smoking it again this week. 

Spanking nice job! Better tell Santero to pop in over here or drop a pic into his thread. He'll be tickled to see that.


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