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Toker autoflowers round 2 Dinafem WWxxl

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I decided to do a strain at a time for my autos.

I do have a few photos going as well.

This thread is under construction

I have the beans , just need to get the happy frog

And reset the closet with a new paint job.

Perhaps by next weekend and off we grow.

I figure 5 wwxxl are good for 400 grams easy for me, hydro dudes laughing at me hehe

So 5 Dinafem auto wwxxl are up at bat.

All at one time lol

Going to blow up the closet.

After this i think i will run.....hell if i know

Tangerine dream and maybe blackberry kush.





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New soil..check

Tent and closet reloaded ...check

Seed start medium...check

All i need is my fan and filter but that can wait a week or so.

I see no reason not to pop em..






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5 big fat dinafem seeds from seedsupream popped today

3 are in the tent for now.

So far well pleased

 Arrived in 12 days 

Took visa

And all germed.

Cant ask for much more.


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Adding Doctor Kripplings auto incredible bulk

It will be a bit before shes readybto go

I got one seed as this one is known to be a monster and can get 5 feet tall and branchy

Not arm size colas but leg size and lots of them.

If she does half what shes know to i will be happy.

In the mean time the WW xxl do well

My next order will go back to Dutch Passions

Want to redo blackberry kush and really want 

Some criticle orange punch

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3 seem to do ok

2 are  laggers

The blimbourn cookies is sucking as well for me 

Both fem beans just popped and stood still?

The tiney ones in The pics are same age as the larger wwxxl

2 are wwxxl one a blimbourn

Blimbourn has stick in it and is prolly 17 days old


I have already put C99 fem beans in the laggers dirt

When they pop and show strength as i know they will the laggers die

12 days shot to hell 

Better to kill em and sow with new beans imo.

I still have 3 wwxxl autos

I also started 3 cindys in the tent as a reserve.






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