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Afghan cdb tester needed

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In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working

This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside

The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd

The strain I am talking about is:

Afghan cbd x black afghani

So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate ....

ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon ..
A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs)
A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...)

There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free

Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished





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Hey @Cristalin I'm down to give it a run and I can throw it in the mix pretty quick.


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I wouldn't mind trying that for my sister , she's looking to start growing her own as her cancer has subsided to the point she's able to actually do stuff! 

Shes not a forum person so I doubt other than her relaying info to me that would be about it ! 

Love the looks of the above shots great color and the buds look hard as rock !

if you find enough testers that is fine too ,I'm going to get her started on Perkins cut to get her feet wet , just thinking the 2/1 might be a better mixture more thc than cbd ! 

Either way man you've got some sexy looking girls there !

Happy growing Shiska  

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Oh I think you should be a tester for sure Shiskaberry, you have the perfect test subject :) You could grow out the Perkins and this one, and have your sister give reports. 

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