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Hello! My name is Matt Johnson (@mattwithhanna on Instagram). I've been working for Hanna Instruments for 3 years and consult with growers every day. I'm here to learn and to answer any questions growers have about pH/EC testing/monitoring as well as fertigation and automated irrigation. Ask me anything!

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Hey Matt, Welcome! Summer has begun and it's a little slow around here atm. Nice people here though and a few that have been here a looong time.

I'm really interested in irrigation techniques and systems..  I grow in soil pots and will continue but want to learn about automated watering/feeding. My larger goal is to set up an indoor produce garden with vertical growing for greens and to grow it into a business. I have a ~1200 sq ft space below the house and plan on doing all indoor growing there in the future. And, that will all be automated irrigation.

I'm just starting to learn about the vertical growing technique. I'd like to expand it to a few other produce items and build a mushroom space. So, I'd love to begin a relationship with you. I'm also doing it all on a shoestring to begin with so I may not get there quite as fast as I'd like to. 

I also do some environmental contracting work for a friend in the Permian oil field and we use the black Combo pH/EC meters. I love those and keep waiting for him to give me one, heh. He keeps saying he will. I'll have to get one soon, though, and probably a meter more related to gardening and soil/water monitoring.

I may hit you up with a question about a different meter a friend left here. I have to get it calibrated.. 

Maybe start a thread eventually in General section? That might get the most looks atm and we can figure out a good place for you to have a thread. I'd sure appreciate learning a little more in this area. Lots of other guys so hydro or a hybrid, here and will have questions, too.. imo.

Enjoy and I'm looking forward to picking your brain. Thanks for the offer!! peace


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