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Don't know if you saw coverage of a giant bust going on a while back in Anza.


The one area in which there is a great deal of unfairness and bitter resentment is found in the Anza Valley. The Anza Valley is a beautiful and idyllic sparsely populated locale nestled in the Santa Rosa Mountains 40 miles southwest of Palm Springs and 90 miles northeast of San Diego. Long a small agricultural community with an ideal climate and rural location, it has for many years been a Mecca for cannabis cultivation.

With the advent of Prop. 64, many of the growers there have sought to legitimize their endeavors through inclusion in Riverside County's newly developed commercial cultivation ordinance, but have been thwarted by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.


Not letting a murder investigation that had begun in the area on Tuesday evening interfere, approximately 80 search warrants were served on cannabis cultivators on Wednesday, June 5. With a staging area established at the local Hamilton High School in the unincorporated town of Anza, over 600 personnel including 


deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's office, Army National Guard, Code Enforcement and Animal Control and other public safety agencies swarmed over the rural area serving warrants, confiscating crops and arresting local residents

The search warrants resulted in the confiscation of:

140,877 marijuana plants (estimated at $189 million dollars street)

3,037 pounds of processed marijuana

17 rifles and 10 handguns

70 tons of plants disposed



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A crew of these guys came to the place next to me yesterday.

Been waiting all day to see if they're coming back.

They had big dumpster and a bunch of cars and guys and a helicopter.

They cut it down and put it in bundles then lift it with the helicopter and put it in the dumpster.

They were out there 3-4 hours, made a lot of trips.

The copter is not a pleasing sound to the marijuana grower.


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 i reserve hate for these wankers!  what some people will  stoop to  for a daily crust?

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