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Hadn’t OG’s in awhile cause it stays pretty stable. But did think of that.

my diagnosis based on leaves and the other plants too is nute deficiency because Alaska 5-1-1 doesn’t have enough for this particular  strain coupled with the demands of LEDs..  the males have never had a hiccup. 

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Will check ph shortly just because … 

I’ve diagnosed nute deficiency based on leaf presentation and the fact that the two males have never had an issue with same medium and feed. 
led’s seem to make it so this strain isn’t getting enough on Alaska 5-1-1. So, took remaining megaCrop orig. dumped it in hot water because pouch was open band humidity did it’s thing.

Added a 1/2Tbl to the little girl no.1 and watered until runoff for her trial of fire to survive or die. Roots should choke imho. Usually I just add water around the outside once I transplant so roots can search for water. These roots were barely visible and scraggly as fuck. 

the other plants will get the remaining megaCrop until gone which will only take a few days. Then I’m going to CNS -17 grow. biobizz-lite is meant to Feed at each watering and feeding instructions for CNS-17 reflect that idea as well. 

I did get a sample of Kosher Salt nutes fir $5 shipped = base - grow -flower based is used with both grow and flower. Cost effectiveness is very good if the amounts their formula makes holds true. 

I’ve never use anything but a 1part nute so this will be new fir me when I use it. I like things as simple and cheap as possible while keeping the plants happy.!

I’m not against additives/supplements but based on cost most aren’t going to be used by me. 

another 1st is trimming  Bud for bag/eye appeal. I usually do a perfunctory trim and leave on cover leaves. Times change as I up my plant connected skills. 

one trim job today and then I jar with coffee filter lid and place back in the fridge. After a few days a real lid is put on to start the cure .  All new for me but so far so good. 

ipoc is one make other two are the other male from exact same mail seed. I’m already thinking about how the male will allow offspring to perform better under LED’s  imho. 
chuck is just for bud only since the mother is a fem. if I like the results they will be shared. 













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Ph is and thus mix never seems to change 

filterd water is outside to warm up and soaked beans will then be dropped in with colloidal silver 30 ppm. From their they will go in root riot cubes soaked in greenlight root stimulator/starter. 






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On 9/6/2021 at 3:09 PM, gardenartus said:

Nice sparkly bud, she has a nice color too.

thx. as it was just the genetics. i can't wait to get the pure bubblegum to do the nasty with her. personal puff with taste and body potency is the goal. payment terms have changed so i'll have to save up to budget those in. $100

i still can't target the color it looks like megenta to me somewhat. all in cure process now. two jars are 2nd stage burp starting tomorrow. burped every other day now then twice a weak and then done approx.

i've got enough veg material to start making clones of the no. 6 from both plants .  the no.1 clone that's a decent size doesn't seem to be having new issues but i will wait a week to make sure that's the case.

 my issues now are i can't find my fucking cloner ans i have looked like 6 times in a small place with ltd areas fo it to hide. smdh it's always something.

I HAVE TO DECIDE TO BUY MORE BIO BIZZ-LITE or fid missing ec unit to check to see if the coco that should be just fine is actually hot. it's not something that seems possible biobiz coco hasn't had any complaints i have seen thus far. nothing but happy growers using it.`

so, totally stumped why the clones in coco were going south instead of taking off as expected. that's the major reason i bought coco coir in the 1st place. root development AND FASTER GROWTH ...

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I've never worked with it so I have no clue. I have some Bog seeds I need to get too, think one might be bubblegum. Think it is Bog Bubble. I'll check and see what I have.

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On 9/11/2021 at 4:53 PM, gardenartus said:

I've never worked with it so I have no clue. I have some Bog seeds I need to get too, think one might be bubblegum. Think it is Bog Bubble. I'll check and see what I have.

If you have bog’s bogglegum or any of his gear = make seeds 

I’ll make more sour bubble in time and I gave away a BOG cross Sweet Cindy 99 x Juliet and kept Sweet Cindy 99.  Or it was the other way around. Hmmm

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lot’s the easiest thing to do in cannabis, can use, small brush, finger tip, cue tip whatever to apply pollen to the nice fresh hairs 2/3 weeks old.  

afterward just leave them alone and clean yourself up so u don’t pollinate something by accident. I usually spray the plant down with water after I’ve let the pollen. Sit for two/three days. But that’s not mandatory 24 hrs is sufficient. 

then just let them bake well = 9-10 weeks or until plant is dying while the beans are ripening in their calyx’s. 

isolate the bean mother during pollination as long as you choose too. Boom bam done.  Make meds with the leftovers u don’t want to puff !

here’s some trim shots couldn’t get the hair before pictures. 







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