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4 hours ago, Misterdirt said:

I'm going to have to give it shot. It's so much easier finding keeper girls than boys.

Give what a shot dude ? Hunting males?

Most of my grabs are tactical based on the mother. Yet, quite a few grabs are made with hunting males in mind to collect pollen from and use for selected mothers who were unknown when I grabbed the genetics to hunt males. 

Many of my breeding ideas comes from dogs applied to cannabis. Time will tell just how accurate my selections wil be. 

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20 hours ago, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

Give what a shot dude ? Hunting males?

Most of my grabs are tactical based on the mother. Yet, quite a few grabs are made with hunting males in mind to collect pollen from and use for selected mothers who were unknown when I grabbed the genetics to hunt males. 

Many of my breeding ideas comes from dogs applied to cannabis. Time will tell just how accurate my selections wil be. 

I mean give making fems a shot.

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2nd and last batch of SAGE F2’s are in the trash = still moldy just not as profuse because of the colloidal silver. 
looking now to start some more beans 

i will drain the pepper seeds into a new shot glass and then add a new strain to germinate. Never tried this method but nothing to lose and shouldn’t hurt. I’m gonna let them soak overnight and add beans tomorrow. 


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The second and last batch of Sage F2’s are in the trash. Moldy but not profusely like the nasty 1st batch. So, seems the CS did inhibit mold to s greater extent. 

so, back to mystery beans germ attempt. Using filtered water from sweet peppers soaked overnight. A couple drops of CS will be added to filtered water for a pre-soak prior to the immersion in the pepper seed marinade. 

next in line to germ test will be AK47 x NYCD cannetics trade no high expectations from this particular trader as these seeds were made by a buddy of his and his comments though honest weren’t encouraging for a treasure hunt. Yet, you never know the genetic combo we might get from such hacks. 

trust me dude got a much higher quality of genetics. Which is why I don’t trade anymore. I’ll still gift/donate to folks though once I can finally make beans. 

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11 hours ago, Misterdirt said:

I mean give making fems a shot.

Oh, most def. I always planned to do it to be my backup for mother’s I can’t keep because of space etc. 

I don’t plan to make fem’s to sell. I rather not use fems but couldn’t be avoided in a few vault cases of trades. 

i have some s Sannie’s gear feminized by others. 
1. sannies jack x killing fields 2. sssdh x  killing fields 3. Arne’s Hash plant x killing fields 4. 


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New mystery seeds start using sweet pepper seeds as a hormone source w/overnight soak saw cloudy water. 

did a short pre-soak of the beans w/filtered tap water off gassed ahead of time by default. To which I added a few drops of 30 ppm colloidal silver. 

the pepper seed water was added to the pre-soaked beans. Left near cfl bulb for heat. Transferred to unbleached coffee filters that were then dosed w/CS @30ppm on the inside of the filters. 

Root riot cubes soaked in solution of greenlight root stimulator and seed starter 5-20-10 w/root hormone for at least an hour. 
pressed seeds in most cubes upside down to keep cubes upright using my free diy incubator. 

as you can see the big branch clone has some root teeth coming along and I’ll turn him to see if it makes a difference. The other medium size one has root bumps and the 3 smaller ones speak for themselves.

All except the shortest which couldn’t stay submerged well like the other two. No biggy as it was just a blast from the past rooting check of this method as well as the strain to give me an idea of how the females will root. 

as for the Big League Grapes I have decided to flower out the 4 plants, two of each no.1and no.6 clones from the original fem seeds. 
with that sad I will pollinate one of each sister with the male who’s been hanging around a long time getting super horny.        

I’ll choose a couple lower branches to make kids. Then use the male again to his daughters bx style and a male from the original mating to a sister/sisters. That will be as far as I go if I carry on. If not I’ll just enjoy the bud and grow more seeds out from the old stuff I really need to germ and reveal some treasure. 

they’ll be available to share for personal use Only and not breeding use for commercial sale unless u ask permission from Indican and Kakalak as they created the strains used. 

now back to the 3 cuts in the same container. I added water from my sprayer and a small amount of fert water to the container raising the water level to accommodate the shorter clone. 
This is just because type stuff as I don’t need all the same males obviously. But keeping one around is easy and pretty convenient. 








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Ok. So potted up the back up boy in a good size pot I don’t use much. 

watered in with greenlight root stimulator and starting solution. 1tsp to 64oz. Water used the coco/gro-stone left over from the big league grape original attempt. 

of the two cuts in the cubes one has roots and the other none. Placed them under the dome to increase humidity and move them away from the fan a bit more too. I’m going to put the rooted one in Coco when it has more roots  and see how she responds this time. 








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so, measurements before flower. Slight defoliation of ratty leaves. Propped up a branch of the make and propped up a BLG too. 
1st 3 is make FPB’s I actually fed him with some of the liquid megacrop left over not to waste it. Seems hey not too picky about nutes 

7th pic blu pot is the runt no. 1 = she asked for help to live and do better,  I couldn’t say no. 

all BLG’s were fed CNS-17 w/tsp of sweet. Will order u sulpherd  molasses on next mkt order. It will replace sweet along with added Epsom salts. 


Big League Grape  


BLG no. 6 pink pot: 27.5” tall x “25”x 26” width 

BLG no. 6 blu pot : 27” tall x 36” wide x 22” looking good 


BLG no. 1/runt blu pot : 21” tall x 17” wide x 13” recovery 90% looking good 

BLG no. 1 Blk pot : 24” tall x 22” x  16”. 











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STONER SIFU post=4695

STONER SIFU post=4693

Rescue 911 = my dumb ass didn’t even b the light for the repair job at all. Dumb as fuk smdh.  Yet, even though I’m over breaking the woody ass branch I’m still going to make an attempt bro root some of that branch you see wilted. 

smaller cuts are in water just chilling trying to recover and hydrate. They need moisture uptake 1st. 
tthe bigger ones once again have their own container for initial recovery. I have something additional to try with them but gotta find my pump. I swear I have shit and touch it and like po layer them go look and can’t find jack shit. 
i have two tubs for misc smaller gear items. So anything that will fit will go into them. No more wondering where I put smaller  stuff. That will help in the future but not currently lol. 

showing water roots from the male FPB cut as he will be the last back up. Have the main male who will be sacrificed for pollen to knock up both Big League Grape no. 1 and no.6 . 

I don’t really cate about the rescue branch much but I always like to give the plant a chan e at life after I fuck up or shot happens. 



















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STONER SIFU post=4694



So, here’s the rooted one and the other hasn’t shown outward roots. Just testing the Cubs and yes I do know they perform better in trays w/dome .

I’m already looking for a thermostat controlled heating mat. As usual they are all cheap repro’s of each other both mats and thermostats too. I could make a fortune making grow gear that’s functions and is durable too. I would actually put a few bs sellers out of business as they need to be, ok rant over ! 

I changed my mind about the larger pot cause the chosen one was more appropriate for such a smaller root system. Imho 













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The boys Indican’s Fulsom Prison Blues respek 

there is one BLG in the container with root boi lol. 3rd pic

4th pic is his big brother Root Boi who was transplanted the other day. His coco is still moist so haven’t watered yet since transplanting. I’m going to actually feel it today and not just assume by eyes how moist it is. 






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Current status = bigger cuts have all perked up as u see. 
1st feeding of coco male since transplant = so far so good. I pinched the top off the other one in the smaller Blk pot. It’s the one who had the tiger teeth roots but since i was going to trash him I didn’t transplant him when I should have. So we’ll see what he does within 2weeks 

I’m already considering just putting the ones soaking in water in cups/older medium too root. Or maybe coco but haven’t decide yet. Will choose later today 

Note today: figured roots were growing inside the cube because of the leaves not looking so good. It’s from the same BLG plant as the other clone that’s potted up now. Really weird how given the same conditions basically one is far ahead of her sister. 

I took the top off to let the leaves get more light. Added water from the container a boy was rooting in and them drained it off. 






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So, found a fitted lid melted holes and made a fridge cut keeper 7 total of I recall. 
one leftover piece was too small but cut her stalk slathered clone gel up to planting depth just about. She went into the pot where the handsome young male resides in coco. One more male needs to be potted up. He’s going in old  soil/biobizz .

the bigger ones are 4/5 that can easily make double that amount. They will root but will take longer because of how woody  the stems are. The water waiting containers should help in this regard imho. 





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On 11/4/2021 at 8:49 AM, Misterdirt said:

Good luck.

Thx dude, I’ll accept all positive vibes and point them toward the plants. 

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Male FPB going to a sickle cell friend. She can knock up the Warriors Tonic and see what she gets. 

next sister BLG took forever but roots still. She’s in coco like her sister. 

then Big League Grape no.6 the largest cod the 4 plants was cleaned up and fed. 
 Nutes were increased by 1Tbl so 4T /3 liter of water now. 












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Nov. 11, 21’ = 12-12 600 hps vertical setup 

chop date = sometime before February 14. 
might take down in two waves top half of the plants and then bottoms a week later. 
i’ve never done it before so we’ll see. 

as you can see the runt doesn’t look runty anymore. She’s turned into a pretty girl I must say. 

we’ll see when this cloner shows up, by Friday would be cool cause I have a birthday party to go to Saturday late afternoon. I’m going to leave the screen door open so they can put the box inside if they have sense. Hope it’s our regular and not the inept fill ins. 

so, two clones potted up are still alive and so is the cut stuck into the coco pot with the handsome replacement male ! 
fridge clones still might be salvageable and I’m sure I can get a couple off the bigger ones in water. They got a small shot of ferts  just because diluted by majority water. 

was nice to turn off the led that lights up the bedroom window. Now, when it’s on again it will be in the tent. 

the last batch of seeds have done nothing even though they were moved to a warmer climate to germ. So, I’m going to choose some more recent seeds to make a run and use the cloner hopefully. will be using coco for them that run and more pots in the 4x4 maybe 12-16x 2gal pots/bags max. Need more bud to hold me down. 

should get a helper to put the tent up this time. His car will be back by the time I need him so we can get it done in 30 minutes or less. 





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The rest of the gang = 4 boys of FPB’s various states. The main man wants to grow into the light so adjusted the twin towers so the smaller 3rd branch is still directly under the light.

Yes, droopy male was fed. I’m guessing if the larger one roots and gets new growth, might give my friend that one. it will be a bigger plant; which will need to be defoliated so it does get too big.             This  gives her the chance to practice cloning. Both water cloning and basic style in a cup and small pot kiss style. 

4 BLG clones 2 from root riot cubes potted up. the tiny one stuck in the pot with the boy w/cup dome for humidity and heat waiting to root just like the last one in water only container. 

bigger cuts in water waiting for a cloner run me thinks. Is the last picture 

now, the pita is to flower the boy too so he can make a few seeds. Yet, I don’t want him in the basement with the girls that long. In need of another flower area to move the boy too.

So, will convert the closet with the shop light to 12/12 to let the boy finish flowering. Some will be saved once again. This will be the 3rd batch of pollen headed for the freezer of the same original male of Folsom Prison Blues.  

by then the tent should be set up and I can veg the rest under the LEDs dimmed to 1/2 power = 250 watts of 3500k lovin .at least that’s the plan of the chrome dome ha. 









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Well, look what showed up yesterday. Now, gotta get 2 gals of spring water and un-sulphured molasses to use on this run for those Bigger BLG plants.

GroClone celebrate. Need to clean and set up. Already have a dedicated  portable table for it. 

by the time the tent is set up I might be seeing roots in the cloner. I will let them get more profuse then normal so they can have better growth. The good looking ones will be vegged and flowered in the tent with fresher beans that should germ normally. 


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Ok, as you can see I prepped the big league grape cuts and they will test the cloner to dial it in. 
Off gassed tap water will be used because my ph is good and guessing ? My ppm is in a decent range as well. 

my thermometer is off by 8deg’s so needs to be adjusted via wrench . 

the cloner instructions want air to flow underneath it so that’s why aluminum pan. Can’t recall what I used years ago but will definitely find alternative options on the cheap:free. 

friidge cuts  were turgid and temps won’t allow rooting . Obviously the other cuts started to root. Will see how or if putting one in the cloner will increase its roots proliferation or not. 





















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Folks introducing the weirdest clone sticks in a cloner most will ever see imho.  Let’s see how this works out. 

sett up issues included leveling and that wasn’t easy because the pump is supposed to be totally submerged. 
setting initial water prep to 60 degrees was a pita but one and done. 

















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Continue on 

more wasted root riot cubes no germination after extensive time and temp adjustments. 

seeds with seeet pepper seeds added for hormones. A few drops of CS in the water before and after adding seeet pepper seeds.

the big boy was growing into the light literally so he was topped and cut out in the cloner. 
Put the last BLG water cut in the cloner. So all cuts are in the cloner now. 

all others are potted up except the one cut of BLG that’s living with rhe beautiful replacement male who will get topped today. 

the bigger routes branch make seems to be doing well. While the two BLG clones potted are still alive. The rattiest one doesn’t look too good but either she thrives or not. 












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The rest and Jerry rigged dome just because of the larger branches. 
normally I have never used a dome with this cloner as it’s not needed. 

however, I think the unit might be a second but can’t recall the hole being like that and swore it had a more nozzle like opening. 
the bubbles only cover the two rows of the cloner well enough while other areas you don’t see bubbles or they are negligible. 

i will do what I had planned years ago. 
toss in a flat bubble stone to add more oxygen and speed up rooting. gotta find the missing pump that’s hiding. And if I can not I’ll buy a new one since they are cheap. If pump is found it can be used to power the smaller diy cloner never quite finished. 








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Ok, all 4 girls are just starting to produce hairs Yippy. They were flipped Nov 11 and today Nov 21 is 10 days in flower by the clock. If ur were warmer in the basement with lights off I feel they would have flowered sooner like the original fem seed mothers. 

so, November 21 is first day of flower based on pistils showing. Yes, I will pay attention based on both time lines with the flip timeline coming to an end 1st. 

broke a branch on the sprawling beastly girl. I only noticed cause I saw branches that were too close to the floor. Fuk broken branch. Mix clone gel snd powder together slap some on and tap up so nothing moves. Only thing I used to do was tape up and they all repaired themselves workout anything added. Ijs 

they were all fed and last two were fed fresh nutes with the addition of molasses to the water. 4 Tbl CNS-17 and 2 tsp unsulphured  grandmas molasses. Per 3 liters of water. Just increasing nutes has seemed to make the plants happier as I thought it would. Mainly because of how long they were in veg. The feed schedule is quite a bit shorter so bigger plants obviously need to eat more = duhhh 
I’ll get a better deal next time I buy some.

4 pics after repair is the same plant 

next 5 pics different plant  

next 5 pics different plant  

Seeds are in two separate plastic containers covered with black trash bag and one cfl pointing at it 

I monitor the cloner water and add cold water though I don’t need to by directions. So, all I do is get the water closer to 60 degrees which is the setup water temp meant to prevent stem curl. 




















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