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Oops the plant above with the bike wheel in ea is the same beastly girl. Wanted to give an idea of just how she looks. 

big oscillating fan was added tonight set on low and comes on with the light and small fan that points at the light. The xtra air will now stop leaf fainting(my word) from too much heat that doesn’t seem to affect surrounding leaves. 







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Ok folks,

 so we are without heat but checking the 4 girls in the basement they are doing ok. The branch repair leaves haven’t gone south and hope that branch recovers fully. 

gonna set the tent up by myself again = pita but worth it. Now, where to put the cloner is an issue. Might end up in the 1/2 closet i veg in usually. speaking of cloner I’m going to show what the two larger branches stuck in the cloner look like. They had a few sparse roots already before taking the plunge.  Now, that I know I can do this so easily I will use this as a method to make mothers in the future as needed. 
1. take branch and semi trim and place in water that’s been off gassed or spring water. Block light from the roots via plastic bag or whatever is free.

2. Let those root on full spectrum, standard  fluorescent, CFL’s or metal Halide. Hps isn’t advisable 

3. take the rooted branch and stick in a bubble cloner of any type. Watch the roots get profuse and transplant when the roots are how u want them. Done

timing to put the male into 12-12 is now what I have to decide. And I’ll do a 2/3 week calculation to pollinate 1 ea of the BLG no.1 and no. 6 ! 

will Transplant these clones into biobizz coco coir. Will  post the pics later today




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Only the largest branch had a sufficient root system imho. Will allow the other one to grow out more . 

biobizz coco w/perlite. Water 1st and then nutes to runoff .







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So, a couple veg section shots then re arranged after the Big Poppa was taken out. Man how beautiful these males can be. 
28” tall w/pot 35” tall. No need to tip that taller branch growing into the light like it’s brother branch did a few days back. 

He’s with the 4 bbw big league grape ladies and I’m just going to have to watch Big Poppa so I catch him before he blows his load 


















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Note: house furnace working 

They will just hang around until it’s time to flower them out. the last bottom of the branch clone is going to allow me to train out 3/4 leads to sprawl them out as they veg to keep them shorter come flower time. I’ve never done much training or lst at all. Usually fim/top and run them.?

BLG with upside down leaf anybody seen this before ? 

Fed the BLG 1st clone in root riot cube and second clone that was slow to root but is showing new growth finally. 

So, the BLG clones are taking over in numbers 4 BLG girls and 3 males left. 

Note: checked bag seeds and expected moldy trash. Nope all looked fine out a black plastic piece over one container to heat things up. 

i had a bright idea to look at low wattage  heat lamp for seeds and plug into a timer to regulate the heat if it’s too hot,

same idea for the baby warmer (seed incubator) as well 












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Big League Grape 

Ok folks, time to transplant the bottom of the big branch which were made into 3 clones. this is great for making mother plants or plants you want to have a great start for outdoors or inside as well. 

it won’t be fed nutes until two days. Never done this before but wanted the root  powder to get a chance to help. Then CNS-17 grow 2T’s per 3liter water and will dilute it some after I mix it just for this plant












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Ok, so last branch clone deserves a group picture with her sisters. 1st picture. Keep in mind those 3 potted clones were once a single branch that was originally rooted in plain water only ! 

leaf Fulsom Prison Blues green pepper/flower stem rub. I don’t put much faith or attention in stem rubs frankly. 

remaining cuts in cloner only waiting on two to get good roots to pot up. Best one gets donated to a comrade if he wants it. You know who u are ! 






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Well, 1 from cloner and the tiny one stuck in with the mail. I ruined quite a few roots taking it out to transplant. Live or die she will ha. 

the male top from the twin towers already has roots and put another male top in the cloner yesterday. Whatever’s not rooted by shut down time getaway trashed. 

I’m already thinking these 4 will finish better under the led so time to set that up and will blast those in veg with 600 hps light from a distance putting more light energy in them to grow better. Low light is tricky to deal with for certain strains. 

the male which is stretching has already started showing initial male pre-flowers trying to be sneaky me thinks lol 











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what are those brown dots on that leaf? They seem to be following the veins, which is worrisome.

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22 hours ago, Misterdirt said:


what are those brown dots on that leaf? They seem to be following the veins, which is worrisome.

Don’t really know but it occurs when they don’t get enough food just how they like it imho. They weren’t there when 1st stuck in the cloner. 

Obviously showed those two leaves on purpose. Also cause everyone can see my less than stellar path to success eventually ha. 

check out the before and after pictures of the rattiest cut I ever stuck but knew it would thrive once conditions were improved and it got some more established roots. 

 3 pics as she looks are after/currently, in same pot doing much better and looking it. 
Next 4 all the before pics of the same ratty cut planted in cocoNite: I had them in order but after doing close ups of the before to show it better… 

One thing it seems to me is coco wants a better root system much like a Hempy bucket to do much better. 
initial results are like night and day. 

this I’ll show as well with the much more prolific roots from a sister cut. Yet, note those roots aren’t that numerous at all. But enough so the growth made a huge difference. 


so, learning this coco and still have a ways to go. I would like to be comfortable using coco by the time I run out lol. 











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Before and after of the BLG clone. Only marginal roots at pot up into biobizz coco.

based on what I’ve observed thus far from the initial run of Big League Grape 6 fem beans they want to grow and will given suitable circumstances and nutes as they bounce back from less than ideal conditions and will thrive. 

the runt clone from the four current mothers is a pretty beast and no way to tell just how tiny she was or how far behind. 
i might as well show her too.blue pot BLG 

3 out of 4 are more than waist high to me except the sprawling queen. Need to defoliate and stake her up more like the others. She will benefit the most from being in the tent with horizontal lighting and far more of it than the 600 hps can provide. 











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Well it’s time for the last phase to flower these 4 Big League Grapes because the tent is going up after I lay down to nap/relax for two hours. 

took care of staking the sprawling BLG female and looking forward to her harvest to see if that low wide training was worth it. 

stayed tuned for the next update pic of the tent vol 2

note: setup didn’t occur as expected.

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What rhymes with well ? Hell and tent set up !

missed timing for lights to be off on the girls for multiple hrs smdh. the back pain and hip pain made me stop multiple times but also endure as well cause time was against me. 

on an up note I found the freaking cloner. No wonder c I couldn’t find it. I put it away in the shipping box with the main piece of the tent. Smdh 

Ready to clean the groclone dish soap and bleach. Clean out the small amt of roots that were the pump and partly around a foot. 

I did have to make a pump air adjustment to fix the bubble stream but was only marginally satisfied at the time. keeping water in temp range was pretty easy even with a non calibrated food thermometer. I did ice water and just added the difference to the reading to get close enough. 
i tried to adjust it but it wouldn’t budge. 

one day I’ll have accurate temp/humidity gauges again but I swear they all seem like shit now. 
then a couple of the rare folks who’s products work well tell u to buy one… sorry if I don’t when I read the horrible reviews complete with pictures lol. 

i could make a legal monopoly just by selling garden accessories and meters that actually work as intended at reasonable cost with warranty ! 

I’ll show the tent with the 4 little mothers once the lights come on. 
I’m going to set an alarm because I’m not sure what level the LED is at. Think it’s turned down but I want to adjust it anyways. 

if I haven’t made them herm on me I will be elated to say the least. My anxiety was through the roof. 

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Yada yada not sure if I need to explain. I’m laying down with my thighs up 3/4 to vertical I guess and lower legs rest comfortably on the other part.

It takes up 1/2 the couch and my bitch hates that. She tried twice to cross over the thing to lay her whole body on my chest/stomach smdh. can’t handle that for long so I forced her to get off me. She did so begrudgingly frfr. Mos def a Bulldog but she’s my Bulldog!

 so, had to stick a couple clones in cups. Dump the cloner then try to figure out the veg space with 3 males still one being the original back up male. 

well, push came to shove and I can’t get much light on the plants with the shop light and couple 9w LED’s still.  I had planned  to give them some tent time but you’ll see why that’s not going to happen. 

in the cup holes is rooting powder not expensive mycoz or that type stuff. If I had money to burn I would do a side by side and then calculate cost to production to determine it’s worth. “But shit ain’t like that” = who’s the first to name the song with that lyric in it. Hint is it’s before the year 2,000 and was popular back then. 

yall know I don’t mind showing less than stellar plants or reviving them as well. When your gro op , budget and circumstances are Ltd you do what you can when u can.















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Almost done 

so, the sprawling Queen BLG had it’s branch broken already. Observation today is it’s alive. We will see if enough internal repair happens to produce decent bud on that branch. 

yes, broke an unexpected branch today on an easy carry I thought.
the mend job was in progress quickly. Tried to add string support and pulled the damn branch out again. re-taped it a slightly different way and used string. I had to arrange it in a weird way because of how the branches were growing. 

Yeah the squat pots are heavy as fuk and one of the other black pots. I almost flipped one over and dropped it. Thank goodness for taiji helping me save it. 

Next issue I spent valuable time trying to find my exhaust fan so I eventually gave in to reality. 
yes, it’s back in it’s box snickering along with the air pump, ec truncheon too.

Both still not found after more extensive searching the meter is easy to overlook but I swore I put it in a clothes bin. Each bin has no meter so far, talk about self/mental torture.  

to that end I will put the location of any important gro accessory in a safe email ! Ha 










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Trimmed little wilted leaves on the sprawl and some tiny branches and a few  fan leaves. 

I’ve never grow our plants so crowded for space. A 5x5 would be perfect but it is what it is. 
mid i get buddage like many I have seen with crowed plants I’m going to have smilelitus me knows ! 












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Big League Grape 

so, little cloner experiment. Yes, I see all the particles and will let it run as is. 
just to see if/how roots grow if at all. Water only works so, this should faster using the cloner pump in such a small container. 











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7 minutes ago, gardenartus said:

So now we have age-restricted bud Porn cool ha! That is a squirrely-looking one, the Mystic I have is like that.

Yeah, YouTube is full of shit and it’s there way to pretend to protect children while censoring off site content as if the adults who made their channels for adults; will then distribute them to minors. Yet, can do so without their platform.  

They have geeks that get paid to figure out how to censor and manipulate on the down low … 

now, constant warnings about “ this looks like other content that has been warned before or some shit like that. It’s on Instagram all the time. 

yeah, I encouraged the multiple branches from when it was younger. Not trying to do manifold etc yet but wanted to see the results. 

i haven’t had so many bud sites on one plant except my 1st. Real closet grow 400 hps. Cool to touch and it disappeared = walked away with help from nephews house hmm.

 That burns me up when all they say is I don’t know. Never give them the opportunity to affect ur grow again is the solution. 

that plant was named Asia after the friends girlfriends cat who topped the shit out of the plant. 
I took it let it recover and stopped counting bud sites. This was told long ago on other boards. 

Asia was some of the sweetest nicest smoke ever. My fellow cooks and friends loved it. And it hadn’t been cured at all. It came from the Jamaican connection but wasn’t really long flowering at all. Hybrid wonder I wish I had beans of. 

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Well, I’m trying to make them herm, forgot the fan this morning and rushed to close the tent. 
the good part is even when the led goes off the plants can sinse/count light from the closet close by. Will that be enough to keep them in flower ? We will see.

because of this I’m going to buy  and tent fan cause I can’t be waking up 7am all the time particularly if I go to sleep after 2/3 am as usual. 

I’ll try to buy with PayPal in case of problems soon after purchase. I’ve never seen any fan with a warranty = they build for planned obsolescence most def. If US law didn’t allow that along with other lack of consumer protection these companies would produce working shit like magic.

The same way the car industry holds back all manner of improvements to include gas mileage. Only most stupid Sheeple don’t know and don’t do shit if they do. rant over on with the Balls ! Ha 

a couple lone flowers have opened but as you see it’s not quite jizzy time lol ! 2-3 days max and I can collect, clean and apply. I’m not going to waste a lot of time collecting pollen this round. 

I’m going to bend the branches so they can drop pollen on the black trash bag. 
















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Two transplants today. young lady from cup and the older sister too.

the older sister will look better over time since being up potted. With coco though I realize they need more heat/light to do better when young. 

i placed both in the tent under the shade of the canopy. Zipped up tent and had to retrieve the two girls getting xtra led light duhh

so, it’s like 7 females in veg now. As soon as I’m done with the male they will get moved to the basement under 600hps to veg more to size and then be flowered out. that will be the end of Big League Grape pure. 












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