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Ok folks,

Disappointing Command decision has been made. The tent girls will not be pollinated! The buds are far along any very tiny so I need all the little flowers for personal use. 

the one sprawling female looks like shit frankly smdh. So, I just put a small female in the tent to flower and plan to pollinate her fully. Still won’t get many beans from her but enough to run them. 

5 or 6 females in veg not counting cups. They will be put in veg with the 600 after I collect more pollen from the male to pollinate the small female with.  

2 stuck clones from cloner experiment. Another had a long riot but ratty veg so axed her. I know exactly what the cloner issues were so that will bode well to making my unfinished DIY a pretty nice little cloner. Stayed tuned.

 So, done with BLG basically. 
it’s a good strain grown well. 
good yield, vigor, structure, flavor and potency I’d rate the 6 phenos 7 to 8 with 3 being a solid 8. 

this is the female that’s gonna be pollinated though she looks better now.  


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About to place pollen in vials. Attempt a weird collection method. Then cut all remaining branches and place in water. Allowing last of the pollen to be collected for freezer.

Pollen won’t last in the Fridge well longer than a month so frozen it will be. Will be used on a small big league grape female to get less beans than I wanted cause sharing was in my mind.

Now, that’s not going to happen unless the cross is worth making beans with. which is really a better way to share imho, might as well pretest the beans myself. I Don’t want to knowingly give away crap !

so, based on timing of the lights I’m going to flower out the remaining BLG girls w/600 hps. Will be less nute related issues making for a smoother grow imho. I also get to see different growth results under hps I can use for future reference. 

already started a strain info data base for vault members to try and do my best growing them and also combining them possibly too. 

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So, decided to post pictures of the current veg area. Yes, I might be the most ghetto growmie y’all know. 

1 old shop light and 3 single 9w house LEDs. Just wait to see how things turn super healthy looking once I veg with an led board. I considered 4ft led shop lights at various 3way power/lumen points but feel the board will be more economical useful imho. 

aside from the 
2 males in the corner and one nice male clone coming along. All the rest are big league grape girls.

 once again water roots are set and forget. No xtra light and water too cheap to calculate but less than 32oz max by the time they root usually. 


@webeblzr pm me about adoption plans. It’s going to give me the opportunity to improve my cup growing aspect of my skillz. Always on the improvement journey ! 


















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Well, largest pollen collection thus far from these males. Using glass was just perfect. Just put the de-leafed branches in jars w/water at the bottom for two days on the table.?

this collection is tagged to be used last. I’m going to 1st use pollen from the glass jar to see if it works. had I recalled I had it it would’ve been used for the girls in flower now. However, I’m liking that I will just pollinate a small girl 
That’s in better shape etc. as I can time pollination easily now. 

u can see the naked pollen added to the vial in white vs pollen yellow. 
















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On 12/28/2021 at 8:09 AM, Misterdirt said:

Must be good pollen to be better than bouillon.

Lol, I’m going to find out. Only thing hit was Cap’n shiva’s crunch berries that had no effects to speak of. 

i was going to blame it on the humidity issues but the Warriors Tonic’s potency/pain relief wasn’t adversely affected. 

but who knows what might come from that weird combo. Only did it just because. 

i do have higher hopes for the big league grape beans even though now they’re only going to be a few made to further investigate the smoke potential only. no real project. 

I’ll do that with some pure bubblegum fems etc  … yet still have the Abusive Bubblegum in the vault from Kakalak. Those won’t ever be released unless he puts him in his shop. I won’t be acting ungrateful or stupid lol. 

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The 3 boys, red cup is almost height of green pot made and vegged a mth earlier Approx or more.  He’s the best looking cut in a cup aside from a BLG cup female the biggest one. 

not digging the tiny buds but as long as the end product is quality I’ll release a little BLG flower just for a few if they attend a 420 gathering I’ll host if enough folks send deposits. 10$ Deposits are to cover their food. 

upped nutes to 5 Tbl/3liters with added molasses. No epsom salt as they got that last feeding. 

hope all who do the holidays have a very pleasant experience this season! 

I didn’t get to the cups in the basement in time before lights out this morning. So, upon checking they all looked well and I adjusted their positions a bit they are 2ft + from the light with no heat close to them. No fan is on for circulation or blowing up at the fan as usual. Just to let them have a bit more radiant heat come their way. Thx 









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On 12/29/2021 at 11:51 AM, gardenartus said:

Looking good, looks like things are improving.

well that's cause pics are deceiving lol. the sprawling plant is just a waste. it will be all butter. the other 3 are better but flower size is appalling small.will see what happens the next few weeks.  quality should be fine enough to do a small flower offering near 420 next year.

now, the small plants getting the 600 look nice, to include the smallest chosen to be the bean mom. while the last still in the veg area are doing well. i chose not to put the smallest back under the hps so soon after they had 12 hrs of darkness by mistake. smdh lol  i'll let them reset their count a few days then shuttle them back under the 600 to get bigger a bit faster and grow some more roots in those cups hopefully.

time to choose more beans and buy some germination enhancing stuff. hydrogen peroxide1st regular and then the stronger 30% stuff, aloe juice, sand paper 220, thermostat controlled heat mat. considering the value of any beans that represent the strain well the cost of this xtra stuff to help germ them is negligible in the end.

in the mean time i'm likely going to start some mystery beans but not from my old stock. i need some variety so will choose two strains. i have to find my exhaust fan 1st though. buy another small fan cause the one in use makes noise sometimes. at least this little fan is worth it. i'm going to see if t can rig them safely to the poles. i have xtra lifters two for two fans. i also recall how i set up the power strip to operate the tent gear, thank goodness !  when ur mind is slipping and sliding it can be a pita. 

the tent will be done first and used  to veg better for the 1st time ever sense coming back to gardening.  whatever needs to flower next round. so dimming feature is great. then my young ones can look more like you more veteran growers. i'm trying to get there and then be consistent.

i'm expecting a possible inspection near harvest time  of the big league grape teenagers. if i can finish i can shut down clean up wait for inspections that often follow after each other by a month or two. smdh cure those flowers and set on them awhile. saved a roll of southeast asian cure of BLG and warriors tonic for 420 = min 120 days cured. this will determine how much i might continue doing it.  if the effects reaaly are worth iy i'll use that method for much of my personal long term stash method.

no glass needed. far less storage space, and no burping easier to hide too.

happy new year peeps. love yall and hope the first serious bean run will be fall of next year. i doubt i can/will do more than one strain at a time. reproduction and preservation will be based on my taste. while some will be passed on to suit the taste of others who can spread the repro love. flower them. make medibles/concentrates, sell the flower but don't sell the seeds please.

plan off the top of my dome is simple. giveaways to payback kindness. after that giveaways for those who want to line up for more beans. basically if you show the beans u got from me you go on a list to get new beans of a different strain to show/test.  

test criteria simple, type of medium and container sizes, how u growing them, lights, nutes and a  couple pics as teens in veg, early flower and chop time. notes on stretch, trich ratio at chop clone-ability, plant support needed or not and simple smoke report after a 30 day cure. bing bong done. i'm guessing no more than 10 pics needed to show the above. easy peezy test criteria imho. 

now, i guess yall know this is just an old stoners vision. i could check out before i get 1/2 way towards my goals. ha


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Here’s how to try and kill a ratty struggling plant. Looked in last night and was like wtf. Over watered badly and came about in the weirdest way smdh. Talk about fucking up smdh. 

i gathered up a few branches to make a smaller canopy footprint. 
already thought to kill her as is but y’all know I’m a rescue type not kill by default type. She still might get the axe but for now I’ll just leave her alone.

Will make final decision after pot  lightens up and remaining roots get to breath a bit. thought to put her in the basement a second ago but the idea the bitch might been going back under the hps didn’t sit well with me. No use ruining good looking plants just to let a ratty one finish. 

so, one water clone was held back to root more profusely before cupping her. Pinch of grow nutes with plain water and left as is. The good thing about these xtra water clones is they aren’t essential, so I can do things to test:try stuff to further my grow skillz little by little. 

as y’all see I’m not the type of dude who only shows the pretty plants. I show the good, bad and ugly with full transparency. 

red cup boy is the star but he doesn’t know he’s about to get topped shhh. Will that top get rooted ? Hell yeah lol but the rub is I don’t need all the duplicate males. But having them without popping more seeds is pretty easy to do with this dude. Flower one, use him and trash. Easy 

the other two brothers were both topped so have twin towers. 














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More pics 

water root porn Ghetto style but it works ha ! All have grown after cupped so far even the tiny single root one. Ironically one with much better roots in a bigger cup is behind schedule. Diagnosis over watered and low root zone temps. Her reservoir cup was removed. 

















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Ratty one is making room to let the smaller BLG’s have space on the floor to get adjusted to the LED’s 

the led was turned down some last night and will stay until chop. Fan was raised on boxes to blow near the top of the canopy. Will try to make that more stable. 






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On 12/31/2021 at 10:19 AM, gardenartus said:

I like your goals, admirable :) Well that sucks, thought these plants looked better. Do you have pics of your southeast Asian cure?

Pics are in the thread already. Well pics wrapped up basically. I been finding using saved plastic wrap and occasional have to clean some before use. 


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So, the boy in the red cup was topped. Approx 14” tall x 15.5” x 10.5”

he took it like a true warrior = no fear, tears or running ! Chaka Zulu clone style ! 












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The young ones a few could be transplanted but will wait and let those roots grow more. all are going in coco and as long as I can dial my coco care in well, I’ll stick to coco for production. 

Saw that one root show in the 2 liter already so happy about that. 
don’t know why the problem child isn’t happy but Will let her stick around to recover as usual. 

these likely will be the last Big League Grapes to be flowered. Will I make a mom for myself ? I doubt it as I need to move on. I never planned on 3 separate runs of it and because this tent run wasn’t what I expected it’s cool the 6 girls under 600 hps have started flowering already a couple days ago. 

the 3 BLG’s left in the tent will be chopped in 4 to 7 days. The ratty one was manicured some to pull the micro buds lol. They will be puffed. 

corner shot of 2 FPB’s males and the 3rd in a red cup next to a girl I didn’t realize until I looked closer. 




















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Individually 2 twin towers makes & little brother in a cup who was topped. His top is in the dark closet in a cup of water = almost free no cost cultivation. 

Well, 2 no 1 phenos = cheesey smelling girls are hanging whole plant except one was divided in 2. 
no. 6 pheno is getting a couple days darkness b4 chop. 

disappointed this run but the marathon must go on. Strange I found the fan box minus the fan. I swore I put it back in the box but my recall accuracy is sporadic smdh. So, it means I tucked it in something somewhere so will look with that in mind. 

i need that for the next tent run. Will be buying two small 6” fans for better over circulation. With my exhaust fan on by itself no filter the tent temps are sweet. 










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Aloha comrades,
Time to chuck pollen stored in freezer for the first time ever. Pollen is in the fridge and once it comes out I’ll let it get room temp and then paint all the flowers on this small big league grape female. 

The other 5 are doing well if u can see by the dark pics 

Last two pics show the mother to be. I’m not going to get a ton of seeds I estimate 50 approx. I’ll let them bake a lot longer and harvest the sinse first. No reason to rush beans and have less mature seeds once done.

FYI = I’m about to test beans for a BakeryGenetics team member second only to Nate himself.  So, really thankful to be chosen to test these beans “Donkey Shit” ! I’ll release the strain parents once Nate ok’s is doing so. 

i wasn’t sure what I was going to run but I was leaning toward a different bakery genetics strain that is already released. Miller Mac named after the rapper Mac Miller who was a fave of Nate’s! 









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Good morning Vietnam,

   We have the 1st frozen pollen attempt in progress. Just put the female back separated by a short cardboard box just tall enough for her to get light midway.. she’s got the black bag around her and sitting in a big ass box. 

she will stay there for 3 days.
Then be picked up in the bag to be sprayed down in a separate area near by divided by a makeshift curtain.  

Mother Big League Grape 

Father Folsom Prison Blues 

this Chuck is to make tasty puff with sufficient potency and very comfortable chill effects. 
offer some to a small circle and stash a little. Then on to the next mini project germing  old beans. I bought sandpaper but forgot the damn peroxide. Smdh 

went to get my paint brush for pollen and wasn’t where I thought. How come each step I take the gear isn’t there. It’s humbling and frustrating along with a fair bit of anxiety too. 















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Update  All BLG girls are in pots now and the problem child is now turning green. Roots on her were fine but she needed nutes to suit her. Added Epsom salts more frequently and molasses to my normal nute water. 

made a seed scuffer = 2 sheet sandpaper with plenty of left over, to sand down window seal from cat scratching. 

As you can see the tent has transformed into a good looking vegetative house. Two boys in pots and one still in a cup, the top from the boy in a cup has roots but will let them continue to grow out before transplant into the same pot who’s male will be killed and soul reused. Lady has to pick up the remaining male and if she doesn’t do that soon enough he will die too. Will only keep 2 small males from now on and cut them back as they get bigger. That’s going to happen to the male in the cup today. 

2 Ltr planters are perfect for SOG grows, plants going into 3 gal and above pots as well as those slated to go in ground outside. If you like the drink, planter is free. Ha 

















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More pics so, put the beans in shakity shake and on to the next step. 
hydrogen peroxide cleanse and soaked. 

will also try the reverse soak and then scuff to see if one way is better. I’m going to buy aloe juice to add to my seed germination arsenal too. I already have colloidal silver on hand as well. 

old beans that aren’t known will be the test subjects prior to using known beans I really want to pop. 

before and after tent picture makes me smile. 

I’m making this comeback, while increasing my grow skillz and methods on my way to  becoming an expert grower. 













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Well, busy bee doing what bees do = hive care !

all 9 big league grape girls are in pots including the problem child who’s making a comeback ! 

so, used old Biobizz lite to fill in the last couple pots. Coco makes it pretty easy to transplant into another medium to finish vegging  or flower in as well once a good root system is established. 
with that said I plan to buy strictly coco for awhile as my go to medium. 

i been looking for chunky perlite #3 but some say chunky and it’s not, while others perlite is more powder than anything else. Always a pain to buy legit grow products now days Smdh. 

anybody use legit big piece perlite with consistent quality over time that can be ordered online please let me know asap. Thx I’m advance 

 last photo all 9 BLG girls, 4 are whorly girls to include the transplanted one with the litter bucket drip tray. I’ll use whatever it takes I already have for free. 

yes, the top of the red cup males roots are coming along. Will add a tiny bit of nutes to fresh water soon since last drop of nutes seemed to do well. 

that leaves one twin tower for the newbie lady and one triple tower boy = oldest one. 
he’s going to be eaten in the next batch of salad I buy. Leaving the red cup male and red cup top. 

I don’t want to turn lights on for them but 3 9w LEDs to keep them in veg isn’t much.

i will buy a space heater when I figure out the best type to get to use in the basement flower area. 
at least the next run down there will be better for the root zone. 
the floor girls = 3 all raised higher letting the hps hit them more fully. 

mommy hopefull is doing well and just waiting to see beans develop. I check  them ever other day. 



















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