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Small but meaningful advance. 

1st successful clone has been potted up. I could see roots coming from out the bottom of the  drain holes in the cup. 

I love cuts:clones like this with good structure, leaves and internodes to make a proper mommy. 

Waiting on the others to root in plain water like this one did. Two are still on cups of soil and I put a plastic bag around both. 

Seems because the stems were more woody and temps:humidity weren’t optimized for that as soon as they start to go left and droop they are a goner.  Lesson learned 

i want to flower the 3 original pigs but can’t risk it before the backup cuts are ready like the pig in this post. 

I don’t know why there’s a delay in this fed/state inspection cause before it was immediately after the housing inspection. I imagine they are behind because of the sheer numbers they deal with.  Oh well










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Small update. 1st pig potted up is doing well.

Roots on the needed green cup clone have finally got some action and just got readjusted  and watered in. 2weeks = into a pot. 

Mall other cuts have root bumbs to one extent or another.  As u will see one little pig has a nice bumpy stem I wish I could faithfully duplicate all the time but thankful as is for her.

the 3 big pig moms still have their pistils in an all white stage and that’s it. 

I’m thinking about using the 250mh to flower the big moms as soon as their replacements are potted up. 

So, 9 weeks is flower time for both approx. I have to play this by sight. Closed window so temps will be 70 deg’s bit not lower to slow things down.  As is the lower temps help me contain the big moms 








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Just putting tooted clones in a cup. Double cup is a cut that only had bumps. So, at least it has a head start in soil. 

Weird but the cut in above post has not sprouted roots and those bumps receded. Lesson = leave them alone until rooted to take pictures.

if the moms need water i’ll Feed the root feet’s before I cut them back and prune the roots. 

I take the fresh roots and lay them in a spiral pattern cover and water in. Kiss 











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So, today is cut back day.  They were just fed root nutes and they all are wondering why they in the tub lol 

one would have made a nice stacked  bud piggy . I don’t want to cut her but it’s what’s best. 

Also figured I could hide the bigger ones in the dryer in size trash bags 

and the clones will be safe on the washer as well.  I’ll sing test and put the big ones outside in trash can if I catch a whiff.  So options are good. 

Before and after pics both green and food too. 











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So, finished cutting them down. I could have made them smaller but height wise they are good and i’d Like to keep them as big but manageable as possible lol. 

One at a time was done from the initial cut to snipping any branches as well. Then into used fish stick bags.

Saving shit comes from a decade of hard times and little coin. I never buy ziplock bags. I wash them out after brought food is home and reuse. 

So, all 3 fish stick savers are in plastic bags = freegan and then put in two more bags and Into the fridge. 

I decided to pit survivors in their own 16oz spring water bottle and slow root kiss style. If I need to trash a couple xtras no biggy. Waste not want not.  They already hit love and attention so might as well continue with that !  


online pictures decemeber 2019 1846.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1849.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1851.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1852.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1854.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1836.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1839.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1840.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1842.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1844.JPG

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So, the tallest was approx 24" and the other two 21" approx. when they were cut down. the newer clones in cups are all approx the same height but some are a bit more robust. i like keeping more branches and leaves on my cuts in general but especially when i take a top for a mother replacement/backup. 

online pictures decemeber 2019 1901.PNG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1876.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1879.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1881.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1884.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1887.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1890.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1892.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1894.JPG

online pictures decemeber 2019 1898.JPG

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Some thoughts 

that cut that had epic  root numbs has not made roots and the numbs  have receded greatly.  I’m positive it was because I used the new spring water and she hated it. The leaves are all pale now so I just might stick her in a cup of soil and see what happens For experience/learning sake. 

Used a cheap rapid test ph probe and 6.5 was the norm approx given the general accuracy of the probe. 

Found my attenuated making a bubble cloner as well as 1 rectangular stone. Have to locate the pump and other stones. I figure since I like the plain water cuts might as well help a tad bit by adding a couple stones to speed things up without having to use the much larger size groclone.  can use my water as the plants seem to dig  it whether I filter it or not. 

Recovered some old bag seed. I pack was with a bunch of empty bags but was rolled to have seeds inside maybe 20 or so.  Those and the rest w/written note are in the fridge added some fresh rice. They might be gone but we’ll see. 

Dropped 3 seeds in water from doing inventory a couple weeks ago. One light one far are in a shot glass just for the hell of it. If no tails show i’ll Just trash 

Will reuse another sectional to store more beans that aren’t organized. Glad I have it too.

took out a sectional if bean to verify what’s in there via notes. Got a little confused so this process will let my mind rest once completed.

consolidated some gear and will be able to store it away and make the room neater in the process.  I won’t need all those various pot sizes anytime soon. 

No need to duck out casual inspection cause new lease will be signed online.  It was still good I chopped them down I  height to make things more manageable. 

I’ll soon look at the roots on the 3 pigs to see about trimming them since the plants have had some time to relax from the pruning/defoliation. 




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Hey dude, where does the spring water come from? I was thinking of using that too but the. Found out some of it can be up to 500 tds with all the natural Minerals in it (the three in my area were 250, 350 and 370) which would likely mean a high amount of elemental sodium.  This could screw with your EC for cloning.  


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Just a couple pics of the clones. 

Finally one of the ones I needed to root did.  I’m thinking always try to start with a sufficient size container to root in straight water. Not mandatory but adding more seems to have slowed down the rooting  process in this case. 

I already washed out 3 Arizona bottles with label still attached to block light.  i’ll See how things go with them . 

The root Nubs are growing on the former nubby queen. I’ll give it one last chance by sticking the n soil today. Since it has a slight nute charge we’ll See if she greens up and survives. 

Note: I checked the roots on 3 bug pigs after some watering and feeding. So, what u saw was they weren’t being saturated enough even though the pot weight was heavy.  So, gave them more water/Ferts based on seeing how dry the root zone areas actually were.  Don’t have to warn me twice and i’ll Be making sure this issue doesn’t happen anymore. 

So, the just enough watering style is our cause it’s not enough frankly! Leafiness learned before big trouble.  Mind you I’ve Been holding them back by doing what I was doing as I didn’t want them to take off.  So, from now on the if they take off i’ll Look to super crop and defoliate to slow them up a bit. 






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So, took all branches out the fridge  to put in water bottles. 3 ea./bottle except an extra smaller one that was used. 

Powder in th cup is rooting powder which the former nub queen will get to try to help her. Experimental to see if I can save another from the brink... she’s not essential on her own. 

Will show a couple calyx’s just for fun. 











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And the rest... so at least the green id’s the Warrior Kush which means orange cups are the capn’s  shivas crunch berries.  So if all works out I should have 2/3 to reg puff plants ea.  cbd possible plants.  











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On 12/18/2019 at 10:50 PM, Darth Budder said:

Hey dude, where does the spring water come from? I was thinking of using that too but the. Found out some of it can be up to 500 tds with all the natural Minerals in it (the three in my area were 250, 350 and 370) which would likely mean a high amount of elemental sodium.  This could screw with your EC for cloning.  


I’ve always used nestles in the past. I think they were eaten by dear park  so I used deer park. 

I always use that in the groclone calls it says to use spring water. Yet, my water seems to be kosher with the plants both runs u had zero water related issues. Better filter this time as well so,  I’ll filter the rest if I need to make water cuts to see any difference good/bad .

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Ahhh gotcha.  I thought you might have been running to a local spring.  The bottled stuff usually is somewhere between 30-100.  I have a few local springs in my area that sell directly from the source, bring your own container.  Those are the ones that go 300-500.  Apparently people who brew beer go nuts for it.




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doing a nute change in a few minutes. going from rooting oriented nutes 5-20-10 to Mega Crop 9-6-17. i saw a leaf with tiny things on it. looked close to see if it was pests. nope thankfully i rubbed my finger on the leaf with saliva on it and nothing moved at all. thank goodness. two of the pigs got their branches bent down = boom plant height not an issue anymore. i can't recall the last time i had to bend any branches on a plant. we'll see in a week to two weeks how the pigs respond to the new nutes. i did squirt a cut with it just for the hell of it. no real need to but will see what happens experiment wise. i think it still had some unused nutes from the original charge but i'll see how it responds. 

Note TAKE A A CUT FROM A FLOWERING FEMALE 3 WEEKS IN, pollinate with chosen spunk and reveg on 24 hrs light while that single cut makes a coupe of seeds. i saw a dude speak on it and then i saw the video proof, so it works. you can take the couple of seeds out and that same plant will continue in vegetative growth into a mother plant like normal. 

Can you see the bent branches in this maze of green ? Ha 









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So, a better view of the canopy without the Warrior’s Tonic blocking the view. 

Showed 2 pics of a fully rooted replacements mom who has pretty good structure. With real light these pigs would turn into jack rabbits imho. 

Soon a decision to run an onyx auto 

might make me flower a flower big pig and if I cannot finish her/auto it’s no real loss since established moms will be ready to take their spot in the pig pen.  I guess my bonzai making moms phase will soon come into play.  I can up pot 2/3 cups by Monday night likely followed  by 2/3 more in a week. 





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Not much more than photo reference since I had to feed and water . 

Had an in-house heat wave cause I can’t adjust my thermostat like uSual. Fresh batteries but I see no display at all. Smdh always something. I had to turn off the heart and thankfully the temps were in the rise in the area.


the pot on the floor is the beautiful new mommy pig of Warriors Tonic.  Green cup  clones are WT and orange cups are capn shivas crunch berries. So, 4  are orange and two green plus the new WT mom. 

Bandaged stems so they would feed the branch still.  Went a bit too far in bending them. Only bandaged 2 stems. 


How do u post via phone/computer so the pictures are in the order you want.  Tried selecting in a certain order and that didn’t work. Wtf 

i’m pretty sure if I drag and drop it can be done.  Can Y’all clue me in please. 

At least with windows 10 importing pictures is easy.  And shit us faster too. Fuckers tried to pretend switching wasn’t the best idea from windows 7 to w10. And encouraged folks to buy a new computer. Assholes to the max. 









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OK, SO TODAY clones in cups will be put into pots. 3 pigs will be transplanted to larger pots and two will get ready to be flowered. i'll use the green light starter and root solution as it has      Indole-3-butyric acid in it. i did find a similar product not long ago. i'll need to check book marks and put all relevant products i will want in the same place for reference and ease.

will be using BIO BIZZ LIGHT for the first time. they didn't even seal the box well. was opening etc. that came with the felths naptha soap i brought for prevent defense on insects as well as if i see any too. 4 bars approx 4 dollars. https://www.gardenguides.com/how_5022722_use-felsnaptha-soap-kill-insects.html

i also ordered a batter powered spayer that charges via usb port approx. $20. i have used hand sprayers but i actually got cramps using them. i do have a big wand sprayer that's cool though, gotta love those things. 3 funnels to make mixing and dispensing easier as well.


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So, all clones have been put into pots. The 3 big pigs all transplanted as well.  Pics show some of the leaves that indicate overwatering and transplant way over do as well. 

3 warrior tonic and 4 cap’n shiva’s crunch berries. All of them look  pretty good and just about ready to take some clones as well as teddy to be fimmed  to make more shoots. Just need two cuts from each clone to run and they will sort themselves. If all look good all will go into 4x4 tent under 600 hps.

now i’m Geared to hang the 250 mh and block a window from light escaping. Might buy some Mylar to tape onto cardboard boxes to catch some light to reflect on the 3  pigs. 











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1st pic is top to of the best looking pig. Not much damage at all.  

A Leaf  pics that show suffering of one pig and the clones potted up. All done mostly with 3 9 watt LED’s only added the shop light later. 

Sweetie Pie chillaxin









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Will do these pics just to keep track and reference for myself. Not much to show. 

First two are Warrior Kush recently done  one has tape on the pot. It’s top is like a candelabra of sorts.  Her sister is more branchy from the bottom up. Both are approximately 9.5” tall with the tallest and 3rd Warrior Tonic Sister approx 13” tall. She had a head start. 

i gave a look at ground level of both plants and showed how dense the vegetation is on the one with an inside top view as well. 

All of these clones were made to be moms/clone donors  so I shape them to be productive ladies to take clones from . 










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Ok, so this is the 3rd and biggest sister. They are all approx the same age from seed. 

Not trying to pheno hunt with such limited numbers but will see any significant differences out side of structure once flowered out. 

Looking at the top view she looks like a big girl.  Would love to flower her as is as I like the structure of multiple bus sites.  All of these would ideally be rest to flower upon transplant as is.  Alas I have to stick to the long term plan to be safe and keep these genetics alive as is 

i have more beans if both but will save them for the right time to run after I see what these pigs show me. 

The big sows didn’t like the mean farmer over watering them and rebelled quite a bit.  Letting them dry out until they aren’t so heavy still even though looks like the soil needs it. Fuckery is trying to trick me lol. I won’t over water them again. Even if it kills them I swear lol. 






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So, these are all Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries.  1st one In homemade pot is approx 11.25” tall .  As you see I potted most of them so I could add soil to the pot as they grew up. 






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So, she’s 9” tall improvised pot. Via nestle pure life water which is my fave bottle water for weed.  She needs to be watered later tonight. Nutes still in the mix. I might cover the pot to make the roots even happier in the darkness. 






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 Last two crunch berries  tallest is 10.75” tall 12” x 13” around and the other 10.25” tall approx 10” x 10” around. 

So, the pigs have multiplied to 7 total. They will just be pruned so they don’t get too big. 









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