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Time to run this marathon

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Well dang, 

  An unexpected adolescent just got put into a cup.  Ironically I tossed one bottle and was going to trash the rest because I don’t need them.  

I couldn’t say know to this little piggy.  She already surprised me with her roots because I thought the other 2 cuts were rooted too. Nope it was just her. 

5 are left in water. I was thinking of adding a tiny amount of the green light because it has root hormones in it. Won’t hurt to try but in the future I’ll do so immediately and that against plain water as the control. 

Btw I use a double cup now always so the roots reach for that moisture at the bottom of the cup and trust me it works and it’s not a new idea. It’s old school 

using the reservoir planters for the big three will allow them to do the same. I’m still letting their roots zone dry out.  Since they aren’t getting worse I figure i’m On the right track. 

I have to buy a hammer so I can do the window and block light coming out while having the same look as now. I just nail trash bags over them and turn on the light at night to look for light leaks. 









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just for my records

the last clone was checked today as it was drying out, got watered since it's in bioBizz and exactly 5-7 days the roots are coming out the bottom holes in the cup. today is the 7th day but i' didn't check the cup last two days...  

i'm trying t figure out how to work this hoist/pully thing to hang the 250 mh in the basement = big nail in two places on the joist followed by the closes metal loop and the pully has 3 cross hooks that fit perfect for the metal loop. going to think some tonight and rig it u tomorrow one way or another. doesn't need to be perfect; just safe. 

i was just going to nail the window down with trash bags. then i saw along with the pulley and stuff i fund my stapler.  so i was like cool easy peezy.  i then go down and check the area again and look at the window.  well, damn it's not framed in wood at all lol. i was like ok a wood strip at the top. well, no it wasn't wood it was fucking metal solid as fuck and the frame is surrounded by cement wall lol. I'm going to do one more look and most likely use cut doubled cardboard and wrap the current window curtain material around it. but underneath will be the black garbage bags and since  am using cardboard i only need one bag. i did buy a big box a coupe days ago. CONTRACTOR TRASH BAGS COST TOOO MUCH SO I JUST GOT THICKER REGULAR ONES. fuck the caps lock. smdh yes, it gets on my nerves. 

temps are going to be cool lights off but not too bad. i'll get a thermometer in the area to read when heat comes on and when heat is off. thermostat is at 71 deg approx

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today a before and after  pic  she was thirsty for water and recovered. cap'n shiva's crunchberries 

nest 3 pics show last water clone to root. tossed 5 others. placed in a cup. the last two pics show it's sister which was put in a cup a week ago. ans she looked ratty like the one shown today as well. what a difference a week makes huh. i didn't use the greenlight root stimulatpr cause i didn't want to mix for just one cut. cups are biobizz with a nute charge that will do it fine no doubt. 








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Well, we have some good news and some bad news.  The pictures will show the bad news on one if the big girls. She was abused  with excessive bending cutting down circulation but ultimately didn’t like the watering . 

If anyone has ever had plants look like this please tell me what the reason was if u figured it out. Obviously I know I fucked up somehow but seems more than poor/over watering   Idk. 

So, instead of putting her down I cut all branches off basically and left her scarce with a long stalk. 

It won’t hurt if I can pull off another greet recovery and learn more too. It was either try or kill and check roots.  I rather try as it’s my norm. 

Now, the good news is the 250 mh is hanging  and the two bigger pigs left are on the outside perimeter of the light. No timer but Gotta read directions again to flip in 5-7 days . 

I rigged it but not satisfied. It will do though. If flowering goes well i’ll Use the 600 about week 4/5 going 10 weeks and chop. 

I’ll choose maybe 1 each of the small pigs to put in flower as well. 1 Warrior Tonic hoping to get a nice cbd  pheno and one or 2 crunch berries. 

That will leave me with two donor moms of each strain. Based on results i’ll Decide how ma y cuts to run of each after noting particulars this go round. 








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So, even though things aren’t perfect and I have a long way to go I felt very peaceful and satisfied after hanging the light and seeing the pigs  chilling.  I just upped thermostat to 73 deg’s since it’s sorta cool in the basement. That should suit them well. Imho

Temp is reading 75  in The living room so I made a good call for them I say.time will tell 







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Why do you call your lovely plants pigs lol

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On 2/11/2020 at 10:46 AM, gardenartus said:

PH lock out? what the heck is going on there.

My ph reads at 6.5 . so pretty sure it was p/k deficient aside from over watering at some point and them not getting sufficient light. they got nutes  yesterday to help roots and get them ready to flower. 

the are liking the light and got moved a tad bit closer to it ceiling is so low i'm already thinking if i use the 600 it will have to be vertically than height won't be an issue. it will be  to close to the big ones . smaller ones will work though imho. gotta choose the pigs who will join their moms to be flowered. they will only get a couple days of MH LIGHT BEFORE 12/12. MATTER OF FACT I'LL SELECT THEM TODAY AND HAVE THEM SOAKING UP THAT LIGHT BY NOON

@oldschoolsg I JUST THOUGHT OF A NAME THAT WAS FUN and because of the nursery rhyme and Bob Marley's three little birds on that window lol. 

i forgot to say these are the ugliest plants i have ever had. slow start out of retirement though the ones that lost to broad mites were beautiful. these were also quite nice before i chopped them down and bent too much on a couple branches. 

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Ok, so made the selection of 2 Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch berries and one Warrior Tonic. 

So, 2 WT’s as mothers Left and 4 crunch berries plus one that is still on the fence cause I overwatered her trying to  do a side by side thing. Smdh 

i’ll Measure height and width after transplant. 








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Again a sense of relief and accomplishment as well.  I knew I was going to have to do a lot of manipulation and stalling holding the plants back. 

Lets see what a week next Wednesday will do for the 3 little pigs . If they are fine then all will go 12:12 that Thursday. 

Min the mean time i’ll See about rigging my 600 digi vertical style. Which means I have to chose a fan to blow air upward at the bulb  

no exhaust fan in the basement. Any odor ideas for an open basement ?  But frankly if I need to hide them they won’t go outside in the yard to look through a trash bag.

If my baby sitter stops buy i’ll Fry some bacon right before she gets here. She knows I smirked but I won’t allow her to ask me about it to put it in the records. And she has to obey me yippee. 








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Gotta have it

  1. ***** Blueberry 
  2. *****Northern Lights 
  3. ***** Ak47 
  4. *****2nd choice Blueberry
  5. *****Peak BC  Northern Skunk
  6. ****Peak BC  Kush NL
  7. ****Peak BC  island sweet skunk 
  8. *****Forbidden Fruit 
  9. Santero’s/Useful Chocolate Diesel 
  10. 3Thirteen Seeds z-lab 
  11. Baked Beanz
  12. Sinister seeds Indican  Apollo 11
  13. Purple Erkle S’1
  14. Mendo purple csi cross 
  15. USC seeds Triple Pakistan 
  16. Viking IBL 
  17. Aunt of Farouk 
  18. Sensi Star 
  19. *****Chocolate Diesel 
  20. Santero Santa Maria...
  21. Freezeland 
  22. GMO x Blueberry 
  23. Blk Domina BX 
  24. clones = Grape Ape, Grand Daddy Purple, Urkle
  25. Skunk 1 / Super Skunk  
  26. Big Skunk 
  27. Cherry Lemonade 
  28. Vintage Blueberry 
  30. 9 lb Hammer   
  31. Cheetos
  32.  GOLDEN GOAT /ARISE             
  34. Blueberries n Oranges
  35. Snow High Seeds: Afghani Street Sweeper  



  1. Blockhead % F5 frosty pheno is sweet 8wks ; XL pheno; potent pheno
  2. Blueberry/C99 x Chem Dawg D 8/9 was 
  3. Sweet Tooth x God Bud 7 wks sweet taste 
  4. Chem Dog D x Sweet Tooth
  5.  Royal Kush  
  6.  Zia Reserve  
  7. Choco Mojito 
  8.  Blueberry Pancake 
  9. Santero’s Cheetos and  snow thrower = the white x sour d 

So, i haven't made a complete list of all the prospects or so called must haves. most are still in my bookmarks. some will jump the line as the list has not been prioritized yet. i'll work on that :)

forgot to say the priority is to have meds to consume. everything else comes 2nd. 3'd 4th 5th who knows lol

since it's going to be a long process the term Marathon inspired by Brother Nipsey Hustle seemed most appropriate

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one casualty got trashed today. stalk with the palm tree was doa. took the rootball and trashed. i can use the soil cause the roots hadn't even got there yet which was a bit of a surprise.  watered the rim of the blue pot mom and nothing else needed attention. moved the last crunchberrie under the 250 and raised the pot a foot above ground. it's the one i over watered after  transplanting. smdh 

it didn't like me disturbing the soil to try to give the roots more air. it responded by drooping badly. it's better now so i'l leave it alone until time to water again. hopefully she will still be alive. i really made it tough for her but i still have faith in my little pig. 

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Ok, for my reference.

a before and after of a thirsty pig. 

A new mother maker clones/cut experiment . Kiss style 

bottom cup has water up almost to the ground fist indentation. Actual pot doesn’t touch the water.  Pot was taller than a standard cup on purpose.  So, the roots can go deep and really flourish before transplanted.  Cup on top for added humidity which is helped via the water at the bottom that serves a dual purpose  of humidity and root bait/attraction.  I used Olivia’s rooting gel. Which was my goo too aside from powder. 

I’ve seen tall planters years ago for trees/rooting ...  it was cut from a pig because it was too tall and not well supported anyway.  Used left over biobizz that should still have a slight mute charge left. So, I just watered in with no root stimulator. Will use that after roots come up. 

If I need to add water to the pot I will top dress with root powder and water it in lightly.  1st pic is cut being prepped in water and placed in the fridge a few hours before cut and stick.










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Bad news first = mom cloner didn’t work and i’ll Make adjustments so the medium doesn’t stay that moist. Etc 

only 5 piggy teenagers left two WT’s and 3 CB’s all look good. 

Today  added Origins  BaseBlend 3-3-3  @ 1 Tbl/gal. Note : there was some left over megacrop in the container already diluted from last feeding and I added the origin on purpose. Mainly for the pigs under the  250.  Yet did dose the pigs in veg.  

After mixing you can see it’s a tea with some particulate matter on the bottom.  Using it up as I had a small sample . Since biobizz is basically organic i felt it would be just fine. The base blend is designed to be used with their bloom blend formula. I have that too but will determine what i’ll Use in bloom. Based on their ratios of nook as well as what stage they are in. www.originsteablends.com

if I finish with all organic nutes the flush will be 1 week only. Ijs 

Left is WT right is CB so you can see their foliage based on my pruning style takes up space and opens up the structure on some of them. 

based  on what i’ve seen so far,  i’m starting to see how folks do mother plants  with a u shape canopy.  











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first two same plant with and without flash. pretty sure 3rd one is showing the other view of the same plant. in my seed through planter. i keep thinking of pots with windows to see the root zone for the last twenty years at least. ha 




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This is basically a grow update of what's currently happening. needless to say the 5 pigs in veg are getting big.  by all rights they should be transplanted already.  I'm already looking to use the grow clone to make replacements for those 5.  i don't know the pheno differences and until they flower i'll treat each as a separate pheno once cloned.  currently they are only separated by strain and i hope i got them correct smdh. i did a stem run of two crunch berries that were identical or too close to tell they weren't. 

as for the pigs underground, the two big moms look almost like each other to a certain extent. i was hoping they were 1 wt and 1 cb. the other 2 should be cb's and one wt left. yeash it's a bit confusing. 

next is i wanted to hang vertical and my lamp socket ha a right angle thread in. i didn't want to cut that part off and hard wire. i contacted hydrofarm to see if they had a vertical option with the locking cord set.  I DIDN'T SEE THE ANSWER VIA EMAIL but good news i ordered one after seeing higher priced ones i new i could beat. $53+, $33+, $29+ and what i paid = $25+  and i grabbed 20 3 ft. metal stakes and a cheapo thermometer. shipping included all just under $60. it wasn't in my budget but it was a must so i did it. grabbed the stakes  because i wasn't going to  regret it later and risk not getting them local cause i rather not be put an about unless it's essential.

the other news is that i should finish this run at least because i saw the real estate mgr team doesn't even want to have repairs done unless it's an emergency. so u know damn well no office personal wants to inspect houses now. ha  My VA baby sitter is doing a telephone appt. and i only will see her once every two months.  so nobody should be here at all during flowering of they get stinky.  the odor isn't noticeable now unless you touch them and even then it's nice but faint and doesn't funk up the room with the plants smell. i'm fine with that too.

at this point i imagine i will use the 250 to start to flower out the pig moms in veg now. and move them to the 600 once the first group is done.

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Here are the other pigs in veg still.  2 WT”s & 3 CB’s 

took single shots of 4 and  5th I forgot .  Veg area is full. I’m considering setting up the tent and put the 600 in use that way .

if so that would save me time, no need to wait for others to get done. Really need some buds, especially because of the pandemic unknowns.  

Got to figure it out ASAP because of timing. 






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Sure is getting packed in there man! Good looking swine man.

Are you making a tent or did you buy one? I made one once with conduit, and panda film. I got the grow off, but it did become a bit of a hassle over time.

My first was a cheapo, a tad smaller than 4' x 4' x 7'6" I was happy with it until I had to zip it up or down. There were strings hanging down where they installed the zippers, as you pulled the zipper handle, those strings would wind get into the zipper works jamming in every few inches.

I used a lighter to melt them away from the zipper works,  the whole way around it, inside and outside. Lots of ranting and cussing took place until I figured it out.

Tents are so easy to stand up by yourself. My 2 - 4'x 4's I can set up in about 20 minutes.

The pair of 4' x 8' x 7'6" those are a bear to do by myself, takes about 45 minutes or so to set one up alone. It's a bit of wrestling, but doable.


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Thx for dropping by @webeblzr based on these plants were only meant to be clone donors i’ll Be ok with the small production.  

Pics suck and aren’t impressive  at all but in person they are sorta cute. I’ve never had buds this tiny except on tester plants about the size of the squirt.  But never on larger plants do this is new to me. Taking clones , shoddy super crop, holding them back and low light levels all played a role in reducing bud size.  

I’m tired as fuk as I got rid of garbage/dead leaves and defoliate all the swine to include the squirt a tad bit too. 

Pics are worse to a bit better smdh











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