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10 minutes ago, Misterdirt said:

This looks like it's working out well.

Thx Misterdirt , looks better in person by far. I actually raised the light last night. Put the big fan back on oscillation. Temps 1st floor been like low 80’s to 90 deg. But where they are it’s quite comfortable . 

I saw light from the hps show via a vent on the 1st floor. Cardboard preventive defense covered last night MOs def. 

i’m about to check this thread to estimate how many weeks they are along. 

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So, chop time on the approx end of July. There is approx a week difference in flower times. 

So. Going longer for the least certainly won’t hurt.  I was impressed today looking at them. I waited too late to try to take pictures right as the light was ignoring . Oh well... 

I checked the roots on the last and smaller one. She was trying to take off and the roots looked far better than the pictures will show.  She got transplanted on the spot.

Used old soil but had to stake it twice I could cover it well without taking needed root space from her. She’ll get fed next time she needs to be watered.  Saw some mild growing on some fertilizer in a bottle. I shook it up and put it in the fridge m. Based on ambient temp i’ll Only make enough for use. Matter of fact I’m going to dump it on the rose bush that’s done. B2CC5880-EB2A-4CFA-B5B0-B48398D7FF85.thumb.jpeg.e38318f0e3fcbd66f18a105d4eefda8d.jpeg








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YThose pictures suck so no more pictures of those pigs until I can catch the light close to 7pm. 

put a led 9 watt  light over the cups in a salad container that sits directly on a standard heating mat. 

So. Deviating to sprout seeds like many do I won’t do again. Unless I see a tap root in water or paper filters I won’t plane in medium anymore.  I figured i’s try It cause thousands do it. I shake not deviate from my tried and true anymore shit that’s important to me., 

3 sprouts are still alive but I don’t think they like the milx and les combo. I’ll show them tomorrow. I need to roll some of this baby gorilla. Not sure It was the real cut but if grown well and harvested later this would be very good smoke with more bottom too it and power as well. I’s Give it a 8 potency as is. 

Time to separate these pups below today


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So, all are transplanted. 

Imho once you get a tap root it’s safe to separate them. They will rarely be entangled .  

1. Prep your larger cups or pots add holes as needed. I used clear cups,  I like them so I can see roots progress at a glance. I like the larger cups because it easier to bury the stems that have stretched:grown y’all.  I used cut straws to bolster them until time to transplant. Cut the straw down the center and then cut out a sliver so you don’t damage the stems putting them on or taking them off. 

2. Prep the medium ratio if u add perlite like I did. Mix well and don’t wet it. Otherwise use whatever soil/soiless medium  u want 

3. Pour medium in the cups and orient the cups  horizontally to make transfer easy peezy.  

4. Sprouts should be separated in the original medium simply by squeezing the cup all around so all the medium they are in comes out easily with no big clumps that could damage the tap roots. 

5. Lay each sprout so that the tops will be proper and oriented to cover the long stems almost completely. Add remainder of medium and then turn the cups right side up.

6. Once all spouts are done water in down to the section of the cup shown. No need to water more because it could be problematic and choke the seedlings roots .

this is why I added perlite for prevent defense. But u don’t have too. Your done, put them under shop lights /t-5’s/single led bulbs/mh or newer leds. Anything that gives light and doesn’t encourage stretching like a hps. 













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The rest of the pics. Will try to get better pics if the pigs today. Alarm is set just before lights on so I can do it. 

They will all be fed tonight 










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Misc shots was too slow doing shit, so missed lights on my a few minutes. 

Last girl sits on the floor and has started to flower. Will show her in time. 

So, since I didn’t stay on top of marking them I could easily get another warriors tonic with medical value like the tiny mini micro larf. 

Muggt be able to revel since my lights are good for that. Space with shop light and small LEDs too small. I have another shop light I can rig down under I’d need be. Didn’t think of revel until now.  Still have to consider the 3 seedlings on the mix as well. None of the secret sauce have popped up. Grrr 











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Misc pics today.  Pistils are changing on a couple of the same strain. 9 wks for them 10 for the other. 9 wk pigs  will not be chopped before 10 weeks.  











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Just picnics. Had the light go out as I pulled plug by accident.figured it was the ballast cause the fans were on ... hurried to turn on regular light within 3 minutes. All should be fine. 

Coming to check them I was happy how the plants ta looked. The youngest girl is doing her thing and seems comfortable in that big pot. 











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Looks to me like this vertical hang HPS is working out really well.

When I was a kid, I had fish that I fed Tubifex worms, that came in a clump. They looked sort of like that first picture, if the pistils wiggled.

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On 6/29/2020 at 5:48 PM, Misterdirt said:

Looks to me like this vertical hang HPS is working out really well.

When I was a kid, I had fish that I fed Tubifex worms, that came in a clump. They looked sort of like that first picture, if the pistils wiggled.

that's funny what us stoners recall and associate later.  just looked up Tubifex worms 13 species but exact number isn't known. also saw pics that certainly support your memory as a kid . i knew about all sorts of creatures but wasn't into aquariums of my own so feeding them whatever escaped my knowledge.

The vert grow is not only fine but it's simple. i thought of adding mylar around them but making the stands to do so was iffy. could hang it off duct tape with a simple weight at the bottom. Yet, frankly it's not needed . i was just thinking of ways to optimize on the cheap as usual lol.

so the 3 ? seedlings are ok except for the one that doesn't seem to like the environment and medium charge maybe . never saw any roots appear in the clear cup but i knew it had to have roots for the leaves to set as they did. i took it out the large cup and put it in a 16/20 oz cup and added some green light.. i always give them a chance to live instead of killing them. other two are fine. roots at the bottom of the big cups.

last female pig is doing well in veg and is still in a bigger cup i thought of tossing her into flower as well frankly but might try to make two cuts first. i don't know which strain pig it is but that's no biggy. idk







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Well the one on the smaller cup is getting worse not better. If it wants to live I suggest it snap out of it. 

Just a couple shots - focus iffy 











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