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Time to run this marathon

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"green leaf sprinkled grits w/cheese and garlic"

Who makes that strain?

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Ok, brother is tired but got something done. 

All 3 Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries are ready to go into the drying box. 

Just have to diy hanging stuff. 

Both teenagers were transplanted after adding some perlite to the Epsoma. Toss in trash bag and looks like a machine did it. Ha Ijs 

the pita plant is at least showing green leaves. Plucked the yellowing lowers.  Just going to make sure it doesn’t dry out much. 

I didn’ Mosten the medium like usual. Potted up as pics show and then watered them in with the green light root stimulator 5-20-10.it will get one more feeding on that before going to Alaska grow- 5-1-1. So basically after the green light i’m Using organic nutrients for the rest of the griow.

i tossed the tighter root balls from all 3 pigs away and had a fair amount of soil left. So, based on thread about reusing soil I will just a simple amendment or organics to make it come alive or use as it with organic nutes.  Very little if any nutes should be left in it imho. As I reduced nutes near the end and flushed with plain water only. 

The two warrior tonics are getting flushed now until chopped approx on July 31st or aug 1st. 

I’ll rinse and hang but I won’t spray as much maybe 1/3 less based on doing it only once so far.  The WT’s are more leafy so trim will take longer but no biggy as they aren’t they big. 

Didn’t measure the WT height at end but seems all plants were approx 30” 34” tall max. I’d like to keep them all no more than 3’ tall at harvest though 4 ft is possible using vertical  lighting. 











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Ok, so found the wire cutter and made the dry box using garden stakes .  A top roof let’s in air and a fan can be turned on if need be too. 

Just checked the rest and turned the fan off oscillating to let them rest.

couple pics of Warriors Tonic fuzzy red pheno haha joking. As I don’t know the various phenos she has yet. I’m going to keep it  around in some capacity. So, i’ll Get to dial her in and learn more about her in the process. 

Two pics of the Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries = stem snapped ...I can see this strain yielding more with out fucking with its structure so much. Ijs it would make a great scrog plant easily imho. 

the two teens are chilling in their new pots and the problem child is still possible 










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On 7/28/2020 at 8:47 AM, Misterdirt said:

"green leaf sprinkled grits w/cheese and garlic"

Who makes that strain?

Though a trained baker my cooking specialty has always been unique flavor combos that most haven’t heard of nor would think to do.  I been like this since childhood after watching mom and granny  throw down in the kitchen.  Then helped of course and my pappy was a culinary monster too. Too many times I heard you act just like ... smdh lol. 

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This is the Warriors Tonic pulled from flower area. Has not been cut down just in the dark. Also no further defoliation will be done and will be dried as is after washing .with the new sprayer. 

Left the other one in flower that was making beans. Will deal with her separately because i’ll Leave the bean branches intact so they can bake longer. 

All  the pictures are the same plant 











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