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I began an outdoor grow the beginning of April with seed from a successful Jackberry and Herebei grow years ago that I let go to seed primarily so I could learn how to grow them. I was new and having a lot of trouble.

After 15 weeks of growth, I now have several females as tall as I am in my garden, including both the Blueberry and Green phenotype's associated with the Jackberry. I really don't know how to classify what I have growing other than a cross between the two genotype's, Jackberry and Herebei- or what the result will be, but I am very happy that they have done so well from seeds years old. 

We've decided to move though, so now I am putting together a plan to save what I can. I'm hoping that I will have time for my garden to mature enough to harvest something useful from it and I've also taken  several cuttings and was able to use my Ez-Clone for the first time, as you see in the pic.

Beginning with the left-rear corner, there are 4 rooted clones in a row. These were taken from the mother (in the 2nd image) 11 days ago. Notice how dark the stems and stalks are on them. It's actually a very dark purple that appears almost black in the pictures. In each of the opposite corners of the cloner, I put 2 clones taken from my next 3 strongest growers. All are of the "Green" phenotype, unlike the previous Blueberry one. By far, the strongest mother from which the remaining clones were taken, was one that saw 9" of growth in as many days! (remember, these seeds are at least 3 or 4 years old- incredible imho).

All of the clones in the cloner have rooted- but all of them took longer than I expected them to. It took them 8-9 days to show roots. Even today, after 11 days, I have one or two that are still showing only a few roots starting. Having never cloned before, I intend to leave them in the cloner as you see them here until I see a nest of roots 2-3" long before I transplant them into 1 gallon coco-perlite bags. Because we are moving, I will keep them in those 1 gallon bags in this tent under T5's until I can get something setup at their home. Sucks... But no other way around it

I do have a question about how to start feeding the clones. I am using GH Flora Series products. Do I treat these as newbies, or hit them with full veg nutes? If I set them outside to finish (in DC area), will they have enough time? Or should I finish indoors? If so, how long should I let them veg before switching them over to 12/12? I have a large grow tent I can finish them in if needed. It's great to finally have options to where this kind of unexpected thing stops you in your tracks!

I have other questions about my garden and what I plan to do with it in another thread...


Thanks for all of the support here!

First Clones.jpg


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I hope I have learned a lesson here that the likely reason these took so long to root is because I left so much leaf on them. Probably took them awhile to figure out what to do with themselves!

I'm also reading that my use of T5's may not be good for them. At least some of what I'm reading is that it is too strong for them- which doesn't really make a lot of sense to me, but I did disconnect all of my lamps except for two of them. So I just have the two 4' T5 lamps on these and hope that is fine? I have a two lamp 2' T5 I can use if there is concern the 4' T5's are too much.




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@Zrex  the tree in the garden is amazing 

and the clones look great 

I use a 2 foot  t5 fixture  with 2 bulbs  works great 

i also have used 75 watt bulbs 


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