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Waxing poetic and scientific in hash-making

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Feels like only yesterday, I couldn't grow a weed;
But now, venturing into hashish-making to finally solve my needs.

After all you have to go through as a beginner to get a decent harvest, learning that you have to move soon is about the worst scenario I can imagine. But that's exactly where I am now. I just posted a thread in Indoor talk about my first clones that I've already taken from my outdoor garden. So I will at least have those. But I am trying to plan for what to do with the several I have in my outdoor garden!

It's mid-summer in the NE and I have several ladies in their 15th week of vegetative growth. It's probably safe to assume that we won't have to move until after September, which should put me close to harvest time. Assuming I can salvage something from them, the plan I am formulating is to immediately harvest the plants, trim and process them down into sacks, then transport them to our new place where I can freeze it all. Assuming the timing and logistics work out, I can then follow directions on YouTube, thanks to folks like Bubbleman's World, to process it down further.

I made it sound almost easy. Having never done it myself before, I'm sure it won't be which is why I'm posting hoping the advice will keep me from the worst of the possible mistakes. So thanks for any suggestions in advance.



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