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Massachusetts herb

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I worked for a man 2 days today while bossman is in vegas

We talked 

Cool dude and bad ass carpenter and general contractor

Me hopes he keeps me in mind

Anyway i had to dig a metal splinter out of his foot 

Dudes got pins in back and neck

I was like ...hmm

But since hes defiantly having a hard time bending and shit i figured wtf


Nurses have my repect

The shit and puss that came out

So he handed me this

Hes from Massachusetts lived in cali etc

Said here man take this for helping a old dude out


We talked about the law in Massachusetts

Man what a drag....

Fixing to spark some snowdog hehe



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37min later

Im pretty fucked up

Nice hybrid style

I sparked a normal size joint

The taste was generic

Nice but same ole same 

Not like ours ya know?



60 an 1\8 plus a 10 buck tax


Stores appearances are "grey" lol

Access a pain in ass

But they can grow their own

Thats huge in my book

If we ever go legal i will never buy from them

But i asked why dont folks grown their own?

Same reply i see lots

Dont know how

No time etc

I guess its like a garden

You have to have it in you

It is work,lots

But it does not seem like work when your doing something you love.

To each his own i suppose



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