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Willie Nelson Smoke and Vape report

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This is a weird strain. It is the only reefer I've ever ingested that FEELS MORE POWERFUL WHEN VAPED than smoked. I don't understand that at all. Regardless:

Scent: (5 of 10) light lemon and pine.

Taste (6 of 10): When vaped, the "green" flavor is quite prominent, mixed with some hashy tastes.

Effect (smoked): 100% in the head. Very clear. Does not have the "electric" effect I experienced when I grew it in the past, but this was only one plant. No other phenos.

It's been a long time since I tried an all-in-the-head variety. There is literally zero body buzz, and for most times I'm looking for a buzz, this ain't the one I'm looking for. When smoked, it is best in joints than in pipes.

At first, I don't notice the buzz, then I get yakky and giddy. Very up.

Perceived potency when smoked: 6 of 10

Now here's the weird part:

Perceived potency when vaped: 8.5 of 10. (9 is for the most powerful stuff I've smoked, 10 is for that mythical bud that kills me.)

I don't know why this is. I love vaping WN, but smoking it is neither here nor there. I intend to bring a sample into a local test lab and pay for the full monty of cannabinoids and terps so maybe I can speculate wrongly in the future.

My other go-to sativa this grow is good ol' Shackzilla. 'Zilla feels like it's about 75% sativa effects, but it has the full spectrum of effects, including body buzz (though on the light side). I should have a sample of that analyzed, as well.

I will grow WN again, but the main reason will be crossing it to a few strains, including @smilestyle's  Lemon Thai F3 and @santero's Lemon Bubba.

The best med use of this strain might be for depression, when the patient can't use something heavier, like when doing some types of work. It is an ultra-clear smoke

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Nice report!

I was waiting for a final VN smoke report.


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