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God Bud, green pheno

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Here's a somewhat brief (I intend it to be brief, here at the beginning. It could end up not so brief, who knows?) smoke report of the Jordan of the Islands strain, God Bud. I had two plants and two phenos, which looked very similar, except one was purple and the other was green. This is on the green pheno, which captured my heart.

Big bonus: this is a strain that is still widely available in seed form.

Scent: sweet and fruity with some hashy undertones. I'll give it a 10 on scent. It's definitely in "Esko territory" here. For those of you who arrived here after Esko's departure and haven't grown any of his wares, he concentrated on powerful and unusual scents and, to a lesser extent, flavors.

Taste: The smoke is very smooth and easy on the lungs, but I can't say I picked up anything special, taste-wise. I'll leave the taste unrated. I never tried to vape it, because smoking it is such a wonderful experience. It never occurred to me to break out the Ghost for this strain, but I may before I finish it.

Bud density - about 7.5. Nice and solid, but not like a rock. There is a little spring to it when squeezed.

Effects: This stuff is pretty powerful, though I've had more powerful indicas. I never GREW a more powerful one. I'd give it an 8.5/10. This is also not a knock out, couch locker. It is very relaxing, but it has a little *mind spark* to it which makes it a lot of fun for people like me, who tend to like sativa doms a little more than indica doms. When used as a sleep aid, it won't work right away. It will take around half an hour for that mind spark to die down.

Other issues — The main issue is that these are classically small indica plants. This isn't a problem unless you have a plant limit you are trying to stay under, because this strain is best grown as a SOG. I vegged it for 8 weeks and that wasn't enough to produce a large plant. Stretch is very low, less than 1x, maybe it's about 0.5x, and branches tend to run parallel to the main stem, so it's not a good candidate for SCROG. 

Do I like it? You bet — especially for an indica. Will I grow it again? Almost certainly, as I have the other 5 seeds from the pack and Esko found a pheno completely different from the two that I had, and I MUST try for that one. And even if I don't find it and end up with another pheno like this one, it will be well worth smoking.

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i have godbud and godbud 2.0 , they have just jumped / moved up my list now after your great post @Misterdirt : )

out of curiosity what description did Esko give for the pheno he found ?

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he didn't say much about it, tbh ;) but shared his keeper-lady with me.


i can tell you it is a very fast plant of around 54 to 56 days, selected from a few packs

of JotI-release around 2013/2014-retail (dunno if that is v1 or 2). she grows purple (the

plant, not the buds very much, i'd say it is a pheno that mixes green and purple, because

esko also found very dark plants too, but kept this one, #2 pheno ... (#5 was completely

green but did not stay / wasn't used) no need for cold days/nights. the keepers yield (#2)

is immense, she grows tight nugs down the stem, they indeed have this little bounce in

them when queezed, just like Misterdirt described. same with the stretch, you just des-

cribed the #2 stretch, ha ... esko's selection has a very nice sweet, meaty sugarcandy taste

and smell (a bit like melons, but not really) effect is bodacious, but also has a nice head-

quality to it that makes her different to many of the couchlockers out there ... i made a few

crosses f.e. mixed her with lemon larry (= saint lawrence) and it clicked.


godbud is indeed a very satisfying variety of reliable / worthwhile genetics.

the shiva (purple skunk aka. m39) in there, gives her the main terps and the god-

clone (hawaiian descent) is the one taking care of effect / "character" of high.


thank you a lot for this very informative smoke report, Misterdirt ! :)

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Thanks for the input on Esko's God Bud keeper, @santero

I purchased mine around 2014 or 2015. Can't say whether it's #1 or #2.

I recently indulged in the purple pheno, which is similar, but has a distinctly "sour" taste and is not quite as smooth as the green pheno. For me, the green one is the keeper, but the purple one will be fully consumed, I'm sure. I'd also shave a little off the potency score, making it about an 8/10.

On a side note regarding plant colors, it seems to me that green bud/purple leaf phenos are essentially like phenos that are all green, effect-wise. This is a good thing, IMO, as I always seem to prefer the green phenos when both green and purple (or red or whatever similar color) phenos are possible. I had a green bud/purple leaf Shackzilla in my last grow, which was as good or better than its all-green sister.

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thx for that report mr. dirt and thx santero for the additional info as usual. u make things interesting with ur juicy tidbits of knowledge.

have no idea where my god bud originates from but i know i got some in the pg days that were said to have a high female ratio. 

i didn't know godbuds vigor was so poor though. already makes me think a pollen chuck will be in order before letting the god bud go. see if i can increase that growth by 30% or so. not something on the front burner though that's for sure. but writing it in this thread allows me to recall my ideas if and when they're possible. ijs :verrygood

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I wouldn't say it's vigor was poor, it's just not a big plant. It's easy to grow.

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