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In need of some help please

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Hello everyone I’m doing my first outdoor grow this year in the Pacific Northwest of the United States I’m growing a few different plants but one of my best ones ran into some issues and I’m having a hard time correcting the problem. It’s ams from green house seeds it’s about 3 months in veg the weather has been on and off but fairly decent 70’s 50% humidity roughly although we went through a heat wave around the 90’s a few weeks ago.

   The plant was growing great then one day I get home and check on them and a bunch of leaves had yellowed off and dead but not like low nitrogen yellow the veins where still pretty green some totally dying off at the tips to where they would crumble when touched and some had some rust spots so I figured it was a calmag issue so I did a folair feeding of calmag+ from botanicare seemed to help a little and did a 7gal flush at 6.3 ph it’s in a 7 gal container but it hasn’t really came back it’s still dying off but at a slower rate and just hasn’t looked very happy the my feeding regimen is general organically grow, general organic sea weed, house and garden amino acid and cal mag plus from botanicare on a feed water feed schedule and the plants are in organic potting soil. I need help identifying the problem and how to fix it thanks in advance. 







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3 months veg and a plant of that size  and being fed grow all that time ( higher n )  , she might need a feed or two of bloom ,she could have gradually gotten low and just needs a quick boost / top up of p and k as she still needs an amount of these to function internally ,but we always forget this as we are pushing grow grow grow ( higher n ) at this stage 

up till the deficiency occurred the plant has been getting by on the extra pk in the pot ( organic soil ) to top up the lower pk levels in the feed , but the pot is now depleted 

: )

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I agree with ifish 

also make a compost tea to give the soil a boost  

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