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Hi friends !

Here comes a  diary of my actual grow, an outdoor session, in France, located on the 47.5° N .

It was now 6 years i stopped growing, mostly indoor for 15 years. Just like riding a bike, you don't  forget your  basics.

i always be an soil & organic grower. I try every possible technics in hydro, aero, and always came back to the good old dirt.

For a successful grow, you need few things:
- Good genetics - w/o a decent strain, it is loosing times and energy
- Good medium, in  my case a decent soil, organic feeding : The pot is 40 liters, filled with 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 - slow release granulate  - Passive feeding.
- Sun

i lost an hole life of genetics, but  find back this winter a bag of seeds, the last cross i did in 2013 before i quited. But never tested them before this year.

And that is not  the most easy strain to work with. It a 4ways cross of Pure sativa strain, from Landraces parents; So not yet stabilized, but full of promise "on the paper"

[Gambian male x Neville's Haze female] x [Colombian gold 1972 male x Jamaican Lambs-bread female].
Except  the Neville's Haze, the landraces genetics i've  worked were provided by USC seeds in early 2010's. And i grew all these strains individually at the time, and made my own selection,

The Gambian male is very special : as far as i know, he has not been  bred with a ruderalis, but  he grew like an auto, flowering after only 3 weeks and showing pollen after 5 - Fast ! And he was my choice of  male in order to shorten the flowering  period of the 14/16 weeker i was going to pollinate; as we will see  later in this diary,  the result to make it as early as possible is better than expected.

The seeds are 6 years old and has not been store in  the rules of art, but enough to get some viable kids.

In my area, spring started early, warm and sunny,  and i threw directly on the ground of my garden a bunch of seeds at the end of March.

3 weeks later, on April14th i saw two of them showing up.


Stage #1 - The Seedling -  Early April 2019









[.../... To be continued - Stay tuned]

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Chair pulled up popcorn in hand and joint rolled I am ready for the show 

good to see you back and growing once more 


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Stage #2 - May - Early veg' time

Showing up April 14th, the weather happened to turn cold with some -1°C nights in the beginning of may who slow them. I decided to repot the two plants  after 3 weeks in  pots, 10 & 12 liters. Two reasons, more easy to manage in case of a visit i didn't expect, and to have a better control of height and feeding. I should have started sttraight from a 20 liters pot but by acting this way, throwing a bunch of seeds in  the dirt, only the strongest showed up






April  30th - 2 weeks





The cannabis grower best friend



May 18th - 5 weeks and Repoting in containers



May 23rd  -  WtF, not  suppose to be 100% Sativa ?  broad leafs, so i began  to doubt about the cross i did ... Plants looking great but i didn't explain myself, yet, these Indica specificity.



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June 2019 - from 50cm to 320cm and above !

Once in their  final pot, a 40 & 20 liters, they grow strongly - June weather was sunny and warm. Too warm,  we broke the heat record in my home town, 42°C, with last couple of week of June above 35° - Middle East heat in  center  France, climate  change is a fact, if someone still doubt ...  !!! 

Easy, during all the month long,  the pheno #1 in the  40 liters pot grew 10cm/day, the pheno #2 in the 20 liters  pot  7cm/day. july  28th,.

Pheno #1 was 320cm (360cm  with  the pot !), and it was not manageable anymore, and he was going to double with the later stretch . Anyone could spot it from the street, even  with my high fences. So i bend her // to the ground at 80cm from the ground.

Pheno #2 was still manageable, 175cm/210cm with pot. I do bury the pot in tthe ground, digging deep hole to gain  height, and  also it helps to keep potted roots cooler in  this canicule period

June the 2nd

Massive fan and  sugar  leaves, Indica  type, who was still confusing me. very wide, 40cm wide for the  biggest. But as we will  see later, itt will radically change  the  next weeks








June 6th
















June  28th, above  320cm  !



i'm  almost  2m tall myself  :)



The huge temperatures  certainly play  a huge role in this wild grow


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Beautiful very healthy 

i never grow out doors never could find a good spot hidden that is  , but I love to watch 


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July 2019 - Here comes the real game !

After the >42°+ of the last week of June, July begins with a 37-40°  range, who will last until  the end of month, with an  over-all heat record broken with 44°C - My plants in my garden handled up to 57°c in  full sun. YES,  57 fucking degrees centigrade !!!!

The good and very unexpected was thalt July 1st, the pheno #1,  the Colombian/Thaï pheno, decided to show her first pistils.  If you have followed, it  is sttrannge  to see such a landrace cross starting so early. But it is a  WONDERFULL thing ! With such 12  to 16  weeker,  who ripes up to mid November in my latitude, to gain 2 full  months is a gift.

And here comes my African Gambian Male, the one who grows like a Ruderalis. I'm  sure that  he impact  the cross, in  the way i wanted.  He is  also responsible of the "indica shape" of the early stage. As you'll   see,  it  is turning  now to pure  Sativa, wild one, landrace's one  !

they stretch  a lot, both   pheno, #1 more than #2, but the second also went up from 175cm  to 300cm - Not  including the pot who is burred 1 meter  deep 

Pheno #1 started July 1st, pheno #2  July 8th; (For me day #00, is the day where i see real pistils).

July the 2nd






July 5th to 7th











July 17th 2019 - 2 weeks flowering pheno #1 - 1 week flowering pheno #2


















July the 27th 2019 - 4 weeks & 3 weeks into flowering







To be continued [...]

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The heat  wave is more calm now  close to the usual August's standards - It also didn't rain for 2 months -  It raised up to the Hell"s fire temperature, don't forget i'm in center France,  so 46°C  /  115° F inside my shack and 58°C /137° F  in my crop ! No one ever saw such temperature in my area since weather forecast exists. Butt we survived, the Ganja also, that's not the case of some others vegetables and flowers i'm growing. 10 liters each day was the minimum. They also ate a lot of food, the soil resources were quickly exhausted with such  temp and growth, and i had to provide a good handful of organic  4-8-10 once a week




August 13th - Let's bud

Pheno #1  - The Colombian pheno . Secondary thin branches are filling up gently, butt   surely. 6 weeks since she declared her sex with first pistils July1st. A 11  to 13 weeker i guess, so harvest should be done between September 15th and 30th -  I never had/saw such king-d of pure sativa being so early. but let's see what will happen in the next weeks






Pheno #2  - The Jamaican pheno . leafs are more broad,  inter-nodes are more closed, and she is also fatter and faster, but still typically sativa ; she started to flower a week after the Colombian pheno, July the 8th. She is full 5 weeks old now, and is faster also as you can  see.

Even she was 1 week late compare #1, after  5 weeks she is 1 week above in her development now. If she makes it  in 9 weeks, i will harvest September  2nd, so early for such a strain, but i think she is a 10/11 weeker so ready to harvest between the first to second week of September. Unfortunately, she experienced spider mites when i was 15 days in holidays, with no rain till 2,5 months, 15% RH and temperature above 40°, a mite's  paradise. I applied Black soap twice, and a huge storm few days ago finished to washed them and rinsed away these crappy bugs. You can see some of their deadly bites on lower leaves, but i think it is ok now

This pheno has also a lighter green, i went to  what i considered to be the max feeding amount she can managed  w/o risks, but she  stay with  this genetics light green, in healthy condition. Pheno #1 is very dark green (above and  below pictures are made with flash so not revealing) - she is 320cm high, pot is buried 90cm into the ground, to avoid bad view from neighbors .








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I remember one of your indoor coljam grows from back in the day. best vibes, plants lookin beautiful. reminds me of local landraces in the tropics. 



El Chupa 

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Wish I could grow openly like that..

Looks like a great harvest in your future


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Things are doing great at the end of August,  but i will make an update tomorrow 8 & 9 full weeks of flowering of these two babes, so just a little teasing :p





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Some of the prettiest I have seen.

I never had a blue bod other than many a few light hues of blue.

Love it..what is the blue one and do they come that way often?


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