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I also started a scrog with my Misfits Haze. I didn't want this wild sativa to go as tall as the others i have in flo (320 & 400cm - see topic here)
I sprouted them late, first week of June, the 4th

The pot is 26 liters, 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 granulate  - Passive feeding



July 8th (5 weeks)

After topping the apex, time to add the screen. Metallic, 100cm x 90cm





July 11th


July 13th



July 15th



July 17th



July 30th



August 3rd



August 4th


August 12th - - Show very first pistils since a couple of days before and start to stretch




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Thx guys for the greetings (y) 

Starts to pre-flower, architecture is changing, things are taking their place. Soon a big selection, i  will certainly chop a good 25%, but  in  a week to 10 days. After 2 months of strict education, i give them some freedom and will (almost) donn't touch it until end of pre-flowering

August 13th.


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Yep, i guess so @Papalag This pheno is slightly different, in between the  Jamaican and the  Colombian, more close to the Jamaican  anyway, light green like it,  butt  more thin leafs and also i noticed a genetic distortion in one  of  the  apex ; on the last 2 to 3 nodes, the  stem is  fat and flat, and   at each  inter-node i have 4 starts (4 flowers, 2 each side; and 4 branches,  2 each side -  instead 2). Difficult to make a good picture as it is hidden  under the screen, but i'll try to make one relevant. on the early stage,  she also show some albino traits on  a  couple of leafs, half the leaf was  light  yellow, the other half  green; I already  had such genetics distortions, on  a Killing Fields

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