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Cbd report on wedding cake 24%

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5 minutes ago, gardenartus said:

I've been watching the Hemp grows, some are really beautiful. Now that is some nice numbers.

Hey Check your mail box.


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3 days and edit feature shuts down damn. silly as fuck. 

So, as for the report here goes. 

1st. is the fact that it was not dried properly which also means it wasn't cured at all. nobody should be selling bud that's not at least properly dried imho. So, i had to dry it myself and put a short cure on it. all that took almost a month. it would have benefited from a longer cure obviously but hey it was only an 1/8. weighed at 3.2 g's so pretty sure it was 3.5 at purchase. still i don't like paying for moisture or not being able to partake properly after the sale.

lesson learned forever = if it's not dry or if moist, gtfo i don't want to talk to u anymore let alone buy your wet weed. 

was smoked via top papers, easy widers and small glass pipe. even put a little crumble on top of a bowl just for the hell of it. 

taste was hard to nail down suffice to say it was mildly spice, herbal like and flower, and the tiniest hint of sweetness. it wasn't nasty but it also didn't have a taste that made u say hmm that';s good. so i give the taste a 3 out of 10 because it was so subtle.

onset of the stone was within 3/4 minutes so it was quick. duration was approx 90 minutes to 2 hrs approx. 

The feeling was directly to the ead and it seemed to be in a space that was sorta unknown before hand. I didn't like the head effect it seemed weird and sorta strong too. Now, so far as effects it definitely was good for anxiety and relaxation as well. good to help you sleep as well and u could easily go to sleep if u needed to. 

i noticed at the end of testing when i used less and took it easy the effects were the same but imho better and easier on my head feeling as well. I DIDN'T NOTICE ANY REAL PAIN BENEFIT though. that was the major reason for me to try it. to be fair at my level of pain it takes something above average. i could see how someone with normal aches and pains might be able to have some effects that help. that's speculation though.  

Now, so far as the company shown. i couldn't find them via google. i also don't know if the percentage listed was valid or not. so that's all i can say about that part. The seller did say it was from Virginia. Va has jumped on the HEMP/CBD TRAIN AND I EXPECT QUITE A FEW FOLKS WILL TRY TO GROW HEMP COMMERCIALLY since it's approved now as far as i can tell.  

that's all folks. thx. 

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i want to make it clear that i doubt the actual % was that high based on me puffing it.  as they do not name the strain that is always suspect in terms of credibility. would i get it again if it was done perfect ? nope 

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