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Madberry & Madchem

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6 hours ago, Papalag said:

Great work bro 


2 hours ago, saxo said:

stunning ladies :tu pretty nice bushes !!!

Merry Xmas!!!

Thanks a bunch. Wish we hadn't had so much rain this fall and could have taken them full term. At 7.5 weeks they were still very stoney, but I feel 9 would have been great. There was a fruity pheno to show up as well. One also was a pink hair, which had the most coffee smell.

I also had a Mad Scientist that was self topping from the start, had webbed leaf for the first 3 leaf set. Was fun to watch the Chocolate Rain go from 3 foot poles to 8 foot Christmas trees as well. Wish I could get more of the Chocolate Rain. One pheno came out an Orange Berry Soda smell and then other like the signature "blue" smell but quite sour and overwhelmingly melon. Where everything hit hella stretch end of July the MadChem just stopped growing and started budding hard. Most vigour of start for sure. I wasn't about to risk it so they came down at first sight of mold. Will say it's pretty resistant IMO. This year was a freak for rain in September and end of August. Any normal yeah O bet they would have seen no mold. 


Madchems flavors, much like heri isn't much to talk about though. 

Will be growing Madchem outside again this year, but will germing in March instead or May in Hope's for 8 foot mad chem bushes instead of 6 foot.

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Good work wicecalyx! Sorry been busy and haven't updated the topic. Cut plants in early December, round was ok, got easily over 3 hecto with 3 plants. Will post some pics from the plants before they were cut and buds this upcoming week. I didnt consume any weed basically during the autumn,  couple grams in october and few nights with serious edible overdoses. had over 2 months off before finally testing this gear starting on New Years eve. Purple madberry pheno is definetly worth vaping..I'm in a process of maybe giving up weed for good for a longer period  of time..but this has really nice tought calming, happy focused effect and excellent aromas so this was really worth experiencing. Gives a different perspective compared to being sober and made me realize even better what kind of effect weed use has on my persona and tought processes. My minds been a mess with anxiety and stress this whole autumn, but this really seems to help with that..more yabber on next post.

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Top right corner: Madchem, absolute star. Didnt react well to supercrop and grew huge in 11l pot instead. Frosty by week 3

Top mid: Madberry, monster plant, berry aromas, did some pinching during veg and early flowering and it grew 12+ top headed monster.

Top left: Madberry, fat indica frosty purple nuggets. Think I topped this by accident and it grew several huge colas

Bottom Left: Killing fields purple indicaish pheno, berry aromas and mid tier frost.

Bottom midd: killing fields sativa pheno, lemony vanilla aromas, starting to frost, maybe more Jack side?

Bottom right: killing fields not so great pheno, overfert, runt, no smells, too much leaves.


Had some issues this round, where I lost pretty much all my seeds due to them poppin but then dying quickly after. Was planning to do 7-9 plant Killing fields sog. Well got these 6 going and vegged a little longer in 1x1m tent with 315w cmh. Using 2 buffer tabs, myco and bacto.. been a while since my last grow, but I am expecting some fireworks for summer :D Sannie's gear I can definetly recommend Madberry, top tier strain, killing fields needs more exploring for me. Also this madchem seems to be top notch pheno. Killing fields greeen sativa pheno seems interesting, similar aromas to south american sativas I've grown (panama etc)

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