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Amnes Haze x Choco Rain F2

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I just looked and saw that I've had a membership here for 10 years! Ten years and a day, to be exact.

So to celebrate I'm going to start a thread! And since this is the e$ko room I thought I'd do a thread on Banana Taffy, but I don't have any Banana Taffy, I don't have any Cakes either, and I'm not currently running any fake repros from Humboldt Seed Organization...

So I"ll do a thread on some Amnesia Haze x Choco Rain F2's I'm testing out:

a couple weeks old


A week later:


and then I up-potted them:




and this is them a little over a week ago:







... They all show 11 leaflet leaves, which is very cool. they've stretched and I've found two males, which I'll cull and turn into juice with some carrots - a lovely drink if you don't know. I'm not sure if I'll top the others,,, they've stretched quite a bit so I still have to decide. I"ll put them back in the room to flower in a few days.... I'll be sure to post their progress.

Ten years seems like such a long time, and yet I"m still figuring things out as I go along. I learned how to grow on this forum. I started with a bubble-bucket system, and then switched to soil and organic after watching people on here. Peace and good vibes to all you growers!



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Awesome cross my friend and they look very healthy 

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Thank you, Papalag. They do indeed look very healthy, and the stretch is somewhat astounding.

I"m going to ask the question here: should I top these girls? I'm pretty sure at this point I'm going to up-pot them to larger pots (which I was not going to do but their size is demanding it). But their growth is so extremely vigorous that now I have this elongated central stem....

So the question I pose: Should I top them down to even out the growth? Any and all input is very helpful. Thank you.




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hey zanzibar,

cool you make a report! I wouldn't top them but maybe San can chim in.

Wish you all the best for yur grow and another ten years of opengrow membership.


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