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Spider f......g Mites

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I flower outdoors.

Use no chemicals, (no wanna kill the predators)

Have seen spoor. Tiny dots on the fans.

When I inspect, I find husks. We have meat eating ants here that patrol my crop.

On rare occasions, (twice in 10 years), a colony will escape that fate.

Then, it's gas chamber time.

I have a stall shower and have cut a piece of cardboard to covef the top.

I put 5 plants at a time in it, hang a "no-pest" strip and wait for a couple hours.

Repeat in 3 days, 2 times, for the hatchers and when I put the girls back outside the vapor dissipates rapidly and my predators are ready.

Works well so far.



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When the plants are mature it is impossible to get all spider-mites, no matter what you use. The only way to get rid of them all is when you severely treat the rooted cuts and with what isn't even of much importance. You can even flush the mites off with clean tapwater. Just use a magnifying glass and inspect the leaves (especially the bottom) every time after flushing. Repeat the process after three days until not a single mite can be found. 

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@olsqueak i did and English translation then read the international reviews which were good. buy always take that with a grain of salt on soley positive reviews imho. 

with that said it seems to be soley for red spider mites, but saw this list of mites it deals with = Red spider (Tetranychus urticae), yellow spider (Panonychus ulmi, Panonychus citri), bimaculate spider (Eotetranychus carpini).

definitely try the method i spoke to you in pm about.  3 to 4  different attack methods . = pepper spray type 1 and type 2 , insecticidal soap homemade, neem oil at 70% not 100%.

if no mites exist on the plants yet after careful inspection,  i would start with neem oil 70% as a preventative then inspect them daily for pests.  nuke them with the other 3 killers at the first sign of mites. alternate the use of the various things you use on them.  1st. attack use killer A, 2nd attack killer B, 3rd attack killer C. 


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