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What treats do you look for in males(peyote pancake)

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I’m trying to find out what we are really looking for when we choose a male for crosses. I have a couple of males that I am curious about using, but just wanted some input into what makes a good male?

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it's pretty subjective based on the breeding goal.  but i'll just say what i look for; since i'll be looking for males i'd say in two years approx. 1.structure sometimes you it to compliment or enhance the mother structure. again depends on what the goal is. 

2. vigor and short to medium internodal length. short to tame the stretchy bitches, like sativa doms or OG/trainwreck type growth habits 

3. toughness can take some abuse and shrug it off. always something to look for so yes, you have to stress him imho. feed.light, medium, humidity, all will allow u to see how he handles it and that's what u hope for in order for him to have the chance to pass those traits onto your mother.

4. easy to clone and a good smell along with good results on a smoke test of him. yes, i test them. if i smoke test leaves off a female why wouldn't i do the same for males to help me decide. 

5. transparent males. males that allow your females traits to shine but he doesn't add much more than some added vigor and not much more. those are the males folks want when they get special females they want to breed with and get the highest expression of the female as possible in that limited scenario. 

you have to realize that even though u have your own criteria for choosing a male that choice is only initial ! based on his progeny you will change your mind or proceed it's not rocket science. always save the pollen. it never hurts to be ready/safe instead of the same ole. i lost the male nonsense cause i did something stupid lol.  and btw google that same question = how to choose a male...and see those results.     many of us have done that as well. i like to get different takes on stuff connected to the same path i might be going.  youtube folks as well as dudes on the gram that you just pay attention to and learn from quietly. wish u all the best.

oh yeah rap to indican, santero . i know i have forgotten shit but my recall sucks and i'm zoinked right now too. 

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