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Blimburn GSC

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Blimburn - Girl Scout Cookies Outdoor Grow Report

These were grown outdoors, in the ground from the beginning of April until the 21st of October this year. They had a small bag of chicken manure added to the garden beforehand and that was everything they had for the entire growing season. I started them from seed and then indoors and then cut a couple dozen clones from them as soon as I could before putting the two mothers in the ground. I grew out the clones indoors under a small light for a few more weeks before bringing them outside and placed in pots, scattered throughout the garden in spots where light broke through. The plants all started short and bushy, like old Afghani, at least for the first three months. as as July hit everything just reached for the sky. They were completely different plants. A stubby three footer suddenly became a lanky seven foot something. The plants couldn't support the long branches they were producing and needed to be propped up, staked and tied. These were not early finishers. Most of my plants flipped into bud late June to mid July, GSC didn't flip until mid September, about a week into this year's ultimate nightmare rainy season. September and October this year are best described as bleak, windy, cold and always wet. I spent two months wearing rubber boots. GSC did not succumb to the weather at all, no mold or mildew. I ended up with a very good harvest, especially the clones which all finished a few weeks earlier. One produced green buds the other all purple buds, frosty with a fruity scent and tight little nuggets. Keep in mind this was grown in a Northern climate with very few amenities to the soil, in the cold my plants will produce smaller buds, tighter and more compact with fewer flowers and more resin-coated leaves. Overall, I am very impressed they actually finished.



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