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Blimburn GSC - Smoke Report

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Blimburn GSC - Smoke Report

I grew a bunch of these outdoors this year. I took six clones from 2 mothers indoors at the beginning of July for selective breeding and to see the difference between the results. I didn't give them anything that wasn't already in the dirt. They had 9 weeks under the light. They came out as clusters of fat Indica buds, very much like Critical Mass in terms of bud hardness and resin density. So tight its a little over the top. All dried and cured and ready to be smoked.

Appearance: Completely covered in resin, resin bomb? One of these visually stunning strains that stands out. Solid, all good sized buds, they all look extra plump and gooey. The flowers are overwhelmingly fat and they're just crammed in there. Super-sticky, steroid freak rock hard buds.

Smell: Pungent fruit, cherries, red berries, candy scents. Solid overwhelming fruity fragrance. It smells so tasty, breaking the bud brings out the candy quality. There's a mild chem/fennel scent in there too.

Taste: Exactly like the smell, delicious pungent fruit salad. There's an Afghani earthiness in the background. Adds a more complex quality to the texture of the smoke, something spongy...I can't really put it into words, it adds depth to the flavour. Its very enjoyable. The red berries, cherry, juicy fruit with nuances of vanilla wafer are simply delightful. It reminds me of fruitcake or pastry.

Effect: Strong head high and body stone. Kicks in immediately. I'm always taken back by the taste, by the time I've stopped to admire the delightful bits I am already feeling its potency. Nicely potent, good and strong medicine that's not devastating. The head goes up and the body comes down a notch. it takes over, it becomes a chore to try and describe the effects. A seriously strong relaxing body stone, not narcotic, more like hashplant, something mildly sedative and dreamy. Very powerful physical effects even after a few hours, I managed to lose myself in a sci-fi daydream for an hour or so. I'll probably take a nap.

Overall: I can't knock this one. Some of the best I've had all year.


*The picture is at about 5 weeks into bud. 


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I'm glad they worked out for you.  Mine looked great but lacked potency.  Maybe I just didn't push them hard enough? 


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