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Hi everyone =)

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After few years of just be a "standee" I would like to start an indoor grow; but probably I not go to start it until next year (Flat-mate problems) so just starting collecting infos and suggestions :whistling

I have already buy my set-up:

- 1.20x1.20Grow Room

- Lumatek dimmerable ballast

- 400w Gib Xtreme Bloom 

- 400w Gib Grow (I don't have buy a neon Set-up yet)

- 3 x 250w led grow light cree cob/leds (Probably go to use just one)

- In-line 220m3/h extractor

-Smart-pots 5 gallons

-Medium: mix of cocco-perlite-compost

-Strain: Not sure yet

-Nutrients:Not sure yet (Probably just dry blood, bat guano and Ripen for flushing)

Have a wonderfull day all ☀



P.S. Sorry my not always good english =)

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glad your here Mimmi,

 just a thought. since you are using coco and perlite use that as your medium and no compost. that means use a coco friendly fert and ph water. at 5.8 and you're going to water once, twice or 3 times a day. depends on pot size and drainage but you are using 5 gal pots. unless you plan to grow trees i feel that's two big and you don't need more than a 3 gallon pot. your area seems like 4' x 4' feet =. 9 pots on average. up to 16 for a SOG grow with  q or 2 gallon pots max.  

you're only using a 400 watt light in terms of light penetration for your canopy;  which is fine. but not for really tall plants. plan to finish flower at 36" - 42 inches max imho. using the Crees. since you have them might as well veg with the crees and add the hps to them for flower.  

 you can try the other stuff later since u seem organic oriented. just use a good soilless medium or home made soil mix and amend with whatever organics you choose and add some cheap beneficial bacteria.

I hope you understood what i said and why. welcome and it's good to figure it all out before starting. smart


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Thank you for the "welcomes" guys :).


Thank you for the suggestions Sacred Plant Warrior.

I was thinking to add compost too because I say to myself:  normally plants grow in dirt, so if I want to grow them in a more" like natural "manner possible (obviusly indoor is not natural but..:P) I can add it to the cocco so I can have the benefit of cocco but not impose to the plan a too much different medium from the natural one.. But, like you say, for the start, maybe better stick to a "classic" approach =).

About the pots; it's not something like more roots space = bigger plant ?

About light: good point, so maybe I don't need a too much big pot see I don't want my plants grow too big 

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Hi there Mimmi,


Just a humble observation regarding pot size, the size of the plant seem rely more on the amount of space you give them.... I myself use Biobizz light mix & Organics from the site and by that method, you get as much yield with 5 pots at 5L in a 90x90 area, as you do 18 pots at 5L in that same area. I was surprised to find my plants suddenly grow into huge trees that needed breaking and stalking!,  I still pull the same amount, with only a lesser plant number as the dependent factor. 

it also becomes a lot easier with watering when the plant numbers are low. I spent a good hour every day watering and caring for my plant when the numbers were up. Now it takes literally ten minutes :) 

If you wonder about good strains that yield well,  in the shop right now I would suggest Sugar Punch for a Great Sativa Hybrid (Phenos ranging from Dreamy Stony Purple Ones to Powerful and Active Green Ones) They usually flower from 8-10 weeks (there is a special 11 week ripe mango scented haze pheno I found a few years ago that became my Grail)

If you like Pure Stone with a Hint of High, then Mad Chem is an interesting three way indica cross with some nice sour diesel phenos, the diesel power really shines in later clone iterations, it takes over your whole body, a very refreshing feeling that leaves you energized and calm. But be on the lockout for late nanners week 7+, since the ECSD have a genetically known hermie tendency.



I hope any of this information is of any assistance, just thoughts from my limited experience  Hope you are having  a beautiful day  :icecream:

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Hi Mimi, welcome.

just wanted to jump in on the compost/coco thing. I just recently switched soils to a bagged organic compost/coco mix.  For the first time ever I started seeing deficiencies in early veg! I was thinking I had coco in my compost but after  emailing the Manufacturer he told me what I had was 95% coco,  so in fact I had compost in my coco! 

I am used to not having to add food for several weeks,  but as soon as I started watering with the h3ad formula, things got AWSOME! 

my point is:  if you are going to mix and expect it to act like soil,  put coco in your compost, not compost in your coco :) 


I’ve been growing for a while now looking for the laziest least expensive way to go and been through a lot of set ups.  If this grow finishes as strong as it’s going now, I think I’m gonna go all coco and stick with the h3ad formula.  I use it with blue planet nutrients 2 part, which has the same profile as GH micro and bloom.


good luck,  can’t wait to see pics of your grow!



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