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ALA growth promoter

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Have anyone ever used or heard of the use of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) for improving growth rate of plants (Generally speaking) ?


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I know a bit about this but not enough to be confident so in this respect do not take what I say as 100% as I am not as versed in this aspect as I would like to be but I have a general understanding.

  • It is used to help plants with salt tolerance and as a growth regulator.
    • The amount used has to be small because to much is detrimental and will reduce the plant.
  • Generally this can be used when dealing with environmental stresses but they are still learning about this.
  • If used, increase nutrition but go slowly and build up until you know your levels.  
  • It can also be harmful to humans so I would be careful with handling it but I do not know much about that or how to handle it other than it is also used in cancers in people or in research of it.

You should have zero salt issues with indoor growing and generally outdoor as well depending on location and soil makeup.  The best answer is to create a good environment and select genetics that are more acceptable to an outdoor area in the first place if possible.

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