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Future projects and gadgets

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Been 1,5 year now since I've seen a living plant, 


Did got some spare time to hobby and diy with some leds


Made a frame out of rails for the sinks, bought a Bleu tooth controller and a relais to dim to off


Mounted it all on a panel with the driver underneath 






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Great, a very nice an clean construction!

Need more details about the setup, please.

Now it´s time for some living plants! ;)

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large.IMG_20190928_172922.jpg.da048ed9633218bb124b157e59e227e5.jpgI used the chilled logic pucks, 

Made 1x "veg light" with 2 of the royal blue versions of the pucks ( 3000k/4000k & 450nm) 240w 2100A with a more Bleu spectrum

And 2x "generative/bloom lights"  with 3 deep red versions of the pucks (3000k/4000k & 660nm) 240w 1750A with a more red spectrum

To dimm the old style meanwell drivers (1-10v) to off  I added a relay that switches off  at 1v 

Made a wiring harness in series with a protective sleeve and shrink tube.. 

Used some stand off spacers to mount the aluminum panel on the frame (makers beam) 

The Bleu tooth Controller aux is powered by a 12v 300ma driver 

Its a mesh network that allows for timers, schedule, dimming and light recipes 

Lights can be grouped into a network and Cotrolled all at once or multiple groups  




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Very clean and professional build. I'm envious. I have four V3 Blue Chilled logic pucks on a MeanWell HLG-480H C2100. I use it in flower, which is fine. I'm very impressed with your setup. What kind of settings are you setting it up to do? Sunrise/sunsets? Very cool!

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thanks allot my friend, was aiming for a build to be proud of. and i am


it mainly eliminates the need for a analog timer,


the 2 `flowering lights` are grouped together,  so they dim-shut off at the same time..

or in a flip/flop set up ( so the second light switches on at the moment the other one switches off.. ) for a 2 tent set-up

in theory the sun rise/set is possible, but not a standart option

( but for example: i could dim 1% every minute for 100 minutes untill shut off to simulate a sunrset )


,   i personaly think it wont have to be as smooth,  a 50% dim at once 45min before lights out will do just af fine to lower the humidity peak after lights go outn(if there is any)

same for sun rise.. a 25% increase every 15 minutes will be suffient for the plant to "wake up" and start transpiration with out suddenly overheating the plant or the room tamprature


but as far as i know, those are HPS related problems ( radiation heat and sudden heat from those hot bulps that could cause for problems if youre room heats up faster than youre plant.. and you get condens in the buds)

or the sudden drop in temprature that will increase Relative humidity from the sudden wtich off of the bulps..


so i really doubt if sunrise&sunset is as importent with led as if with hps, simply because youre not as dependend  on the lamp as a heat source any more

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