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Smoky the bandid

35 bio-ladies sannie way & 5 mineral/plagron in a scrog

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2nd harvest,

One of the bigger pheno's off the gg big field,(have such pheno differences, some are 40cm, some 110cm). Also one off the bigger headbuds, starts and is 30cm minimum.:icecream:




Now 48 Hours in de dark, trim and cut.or maybe for once cut complete wet and dry in a net...we ll see

Greetings og'ers. 

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The harvest looks good so far, but I think the gorilla glue could stand one more week, had still lots of white pistils :O

I guess it's personal taste tho, sometimes strains (phenos) are better when cut earlier:lol:

Happy smokes m8

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Merry christmass all opengrowers and blowers. :engel

Thx for the tip @Hemp

All the rest i 'll wait at least 7 days, leaves are turning from color sligthly now as off today, wait until aal the plants leaves are well colored. Like a strong stone so wait long as possibble which is 1.5weeks , then i have to plant over my round 3 to 11ltr, they are 3 weeks the.

Here She is trimmed and 48 hours dark, the white pistels are a bit gone but idd maybe to urly, altho amber trichomes and enough thc white on the buds, 1nd while trimming, very sticky ine the gloves.:icecream: 2 ltr bottle, bud size 1.5ltr if you see well...



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Meanwhile 5 plants cut to dry,

1 result ready: 4ltr/1gallon rootpot plant gives  72.6gr dry crops.

Means still 16 plants off same size and 7 smaller ones that give around 50gr to harvest., :dope:

Its going to be a good 2020 for me this time.:verrygood


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A bit late but to you all happy 2020,

Meanwhile i harvested already 1130gr, and still need to weigh 4 plants who are cut and need to cut 6 plants, so i 'll be turning in only my second grow a 1-1, 2x 650w led is use, verry happy.

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Woohuuw, finished this round, very pleased by turning nearly one on one.

Gorilla glue, +200gr a jar :icecream:


These 6 plants i still need to trim and the grill bellow  right contains 150gr ready cut for the jar, all gorilla.


Greetings and hope you enjoyed the grow, see you at my round 3 ;)

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