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Cannabis Edibles PCP

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With legalization just around the corner *fingers crossed this time,* we wanted to chat about cannabis edible Preventative Control Plans and their role in keeping the industry safe.

Have you ever considered making edibles for sale?

Check out our blog here: https://nacptpharmacollege.com/cannabis-edibles-preventative-control-plans/

Let us know what you think!

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As a very young man, many years ago now, I built specialized equipment for a company that manufactured baking, food processing equipment, among other machines also.

But what I remember when installing the giant mixers, the flour processing from train car to indoors, ,the proofers, the ovens, the conveyor's and all the belts, everything was geared towards knowing your exact amounts of every given ingredients, at every step of manufacturing those items.

Whether it's bread, cookies, corn flakes, crackers, or pretzels, every item in exacting amounts. Heat, belt speeds, every movement means checking and verifying with constant on going tests. On the entire line, so yeah, when I read that blog, they should know every item, every step, every amount, and be backed up with running records.

Canna cookies for retail should be the same as any baked item, with on going testing, not just for moisture, but for any contaminate, bugs, mice droppings, metal shavings, belt wear bits, and it goes on and on to assure safety of product.

I've not been in a manufacturing bakery in 40 years so I'm sure equipment has become much more processing friendly. Everyone I was in had a lab set up in the processing room, and an expenditure many do not realize takes place.

best to ya!!

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