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Escobars "Jallisco"

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Good Day All

I had said i was receiving these beans (like a year ago) in the thread I made pertaining to sustaining Escos work.....and here it is!

These girls went into flower on the 23rd of December and took about 10 days to show their sex... these photos are around 3 weeks in

1000 w HPS and soil grow utilizing General Organics Nutes (Vegan   lol)

All plants were fairly tall except one.... i used his pollen and then chopped him for space...

I also have the Jallisco Jaze but wanted to start with these to see their traits b4 starting the JJ's













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So the plan is to make seeds to be sent in as freebees

I figured this will serve to help others to know what to expect.

They are nice yielding, GREAT structure....one has branches coming from the bottom that make it look like a shrub...never seen this in a MJ plant. The stems and stock are very sound..again perhaps the sturdiest stem structure i've encountered (make a great cross to Apollo whos structure isnt awesome: for example).

The smell is very subtle (from touching the stock) there is a funk like sweat, but musk... there is something that makes me keep smelling my fingers trying to identify an element that is  really nice....If i get a handle on it I'll amend this discription to include it

Pics to follow

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I'll be interested to see you grow out the Jalisco Jaze, as well, and see how those scents changed.

When I grew out Jalisco Jaze, I tortured them with bad soil, but there was a keeper in the two girls I had. The scent was kind of a wintergreen-haze. Both had the same scent, but the keeper was much stronger. It also had larger calyxes and had that "gummy" feeling to the buds after they were totally dry.

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Good Day All


We are about 2 weeks later (a month in) and the girls are progressing nicely. Think i needed to add a bit more CAl/Mg as im seeing a fair amount of yellowing of the lower fan leaves of 2 of the girls.....1 shows no damage at all. Some of the yellowing has necrotised so removed the damaged leaves.

Seed development is apparent on the girls...definetly wont be a banner smoke run. lol

In the 1st photo is the girl with the great side branching...they dont travel at an oblique angle from the stem but bow much like a minorah... really like its structure








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Crap...forgot to complete this!!
Okay... not a fair run as I ended up making a HUGE amount of seeds to perpetuate this strain.

Ive handed out about 200 seeds to local growers (I recommended this website to them so hopefully some will join and post their grows)

the plants had  a very sound structure... lower branches were plentiful and quickly grew to challenge the higher sites for light ( I think this plant would likely be VERY good for Scrog). The main stem of these girls seemed solid (recollection). The male's pollen production was REDICULOUS... ive had many males around before but this one suprised me at how much dust was produced when aggitated.... I was literally shocked. Im not sure how this will translate to the progeny or ifit has any releveance at all.. just wanted to make note of it as it was unexpected.

I currently have a few Jalisco girls growing... they were started predominantly to verify that the seeds were viable.

I intend to comment further on the lady I have currently around week 5 in Flower (and seems exactly like its parents).

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