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Purple Madness - Blueberry Indica x Heribei

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A wonderfull good morning to the community. 

I recently came across some of the sannies freebies. 5 x Blueberry Indica x Heribei.

It is one of the best strains i have ever grown. 


- Grown in the cold at 16-19 degree celcius.

- Canna nutrients

- 10 weeks veg outdoor in the cold (14-20c)

- Had several illnesses such as black flies / thripse and soil mold.

Flavours: Fruit Tea

Smell: Mix fruit and a bit of pine

- Grown next to the window with 8-10 hours of light

This strain had all the worse conditions and still came out very decent.

She is so purple that it looks almost black.


Thanks to sannie for the freebie.








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Nice lookin "Bluebei"!  (Hoping it catches on ;) )

I was so impressed by the vigor of the two I got I had to get me some more, so I took advantage of Sannies black friday deal and have a pack waiting here for germination. 

The one I flowered was HUGE, like yours there, but i didn't get those colors. There is a pic of her over in the bud porn thread.  The second of the two I had to discard, it was just too leggy for my setup and I was running out of room in veg. Plus#2, although also a bit leggy was less so and was thick with bud. With a pack on the way and 3 backups of #2, it was the least painful plant to discard. She lives on though (i hope, lol), i gave away 4 clones of her.



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It's funny you posted this.  I tried my first Blueberry Heribei today.  It was cut 4 days ago.  Very calming, relaxing high.  And i am getting some accidental seeds -- (Blueberry X Heribei) X Critical, where Critical == skunk afghan.

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