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Hi from Montreal, Canada

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Hi everybody,

34 years old male from Montreal Canada here! I'm glad to join this forum to learn more and also to share a bit of my knowledge!

I registered here because it seems there is a few octopots users on this forum.... and I just purchased 10 octopots for my new setup.

So, just to let you know a bit more about me.

I've been back in the growing game for the last year after a 15 years break. Back then I used to grow in hydroponics....big setups of several hundred plants.

Now I'm a legal medical user with the right to have up to a 100 plants.  In 2019, I did tree runs to get back in the game.  I was using 5 gallons smartpots and a quantum board. Now I'm running octopots for the first time in my brand new room; can't wait to see the results.

So here's my setup new setup.

I have a 8 x 12 room in which I installed 3 grows tents for a perpetual harvest. 

I have a 4x8 grow tent for flower + 2 (2x4 tents for seedling and veg)

I'm running quantum boards all the way... I just loved them... I pulled 42oz dry with 11 plants in a 4x5 in my last grow under my HLG 550V2... love this stuff.

In my flower tent I'm running the HLG 550V2 and I just added 6 leds strip totalising 600w (with the new samsung LM301H + orasm red and UV diodes) cant wait to see the yield with the 600w octopus... the strips cover a 4x4 area so the light coverage is way better than on my HLG 550V2...which already gave me awesome results.

For my current grow,  I just started 4 super lemon haze, 3 mexican haze, 2 acapulco gold and 2 skunks original number 1.

They are still at the seedling stage after 10 days and I started them from seed in the octopots...don't know if it was a good idea because so far they're having a really slow start and they seem to have a hard time... I just started to foliar spray them with some calmag and Iguana juice + voodo juice + tarantula...I hope it'll bring them back.

I might start a Grow journal... we'll see! :)

Cheers everybody!




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