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Been doing it wrong for 20 years

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The other day I was sitting in the park when a teenager approached me trying to sell a plastic bag of ganja tea. It was something he'd made at home, just a bag of sticks and bottoms, he put a label on it and tried to offered it around. I had no desire to get it but feigned interest to be supportive and polite. I took a moment to read the label and the directions. It read something about adding the contents to a saucepan of table cream and binding it to the fat with heat. I'd never heard this before, or at least never given it much notice. I've always used the leaves, sticks and skimpy buds as is in boiling water; leave it to cool and drink it. So anyway, I did not buy the tea but followed the directions to bind the THC to the fat instead. I started by making one cup of cream combined with half an once of hashy Turkish buds and drank it pretty much in one sip. It started with a wide-grinned electric buzz for a while and an hour later it sent me to the moon. Mind blown, lying on my back and soon to be resting comfortably. I'm enjoying this, I have it almost every night, its great for the buds that taste outdoorsy or are difficult to tolerate. I'm going through old jars of my homegrown awfully quick now. So yeah, I'm fairly certain I've been doing this wrong for 20 years.

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