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My Garden 2020

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I thought I'd make a point of starting a 2020 grow journal, I kept putting it off last year and only showcased a little bit of it at the end of the season. I got off with a real head start this year, I've never sprouted seeds this early before, I usually anticipate a freak snowstorm, flooding or a power outage in March.
    I got another tent and an new LED light. My new tent measures 36" x 20" x 62" and the light is a Mars Hydro SP 150. I've been using it only a few weeks but I am loving it. Super bright, great coverage, no fans or noise and gives off very little heat. I have 8 autoflowers under it right now. The rest of the plants are tucked away under my old 150W HPS and cheap LED. These older lights are loud and cost too much to run, they may end up being replaced real soon.
    I'm going to be busy, a lot of people have asked me for clones, like everybody I know. I'm going to distance myself from my previous projects and I will endeavour to focus on some fresh ideas. This year I will be trying out new seed stock, some new early strains, medical, autos, and some of last year's creations. Here's my lineup:

3 x Blue Angel fems (FoS)
3 x Mighty Grape fems (FoS)
1 x OGKZ fem fast flowering (HSO)
5 x Seraph f2 reg (Woodhorse)
5 x LaSAGE x Killer Cookies reg (THSeeds/Santero)
5 x GSC x Killer Cookies reg (Blimburn/Santero)
1 x Fuckin' Incredible reg (VISC)
11 x Sweet Cream Auto fems (Expert Seeds)

    They have all popped up and the females are in 2 gallon buckets, the regular ones in little cups. I have a bunch of feminized freebies I'd like to try also if the space materializes. I've grown the Mighty Grape outdoors previously and I know it finishes in early September. Mighty Grape and the Blue Angel will account for the bulk of my outdoor plants and clones I cut. The autos, Seraph and the cookie hybrids will be done indoors exclusive of the others. I'm dying to see how they turn out. Have to see how it goes. I'll take some pics next time.

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Well, nothing ever really goes as planned. Camera's bust, thought it was just a bad chord but no, its broken. On top of that I'm getting sick, fever, cough, all the good signs. On the bright side, everything for the garden is going well. It occurred to me that a lot of my starts are going to to be done exclusively indoors and only a few will be planted outside. Blue Angel, Mighty Grape and OGKZ will be for the outdoors after I take some cuttings, everything else will be finished inside. I'll put together a separate journal for the indoor gear soon as I get another camera. That's really about it, I mean, the Fuckin' Incredible didn't germinate but that's all for now.

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