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I was asked to share this by my seniors son. His dad was taijiquan mentor and friend. 


pass this along please. Especially if you are in that area or surrounding areas. Peace 

i just text and spoke to the dude who asked me to post. he does know this brother and his mom pretty well. they have hi as a voluntary ,missing person because no sign of foul play and thus will not look for him.  i gave advice for his best shot being search and rescue dogs and the other advice i can't share. 

last one to see hi was the new girl friend maybe going out a few months. not much is known about her but i told dude to get his peeps on that asap. someone who knows her well will be able to say if she's shady or good peeps etc. dudes mom said she was rude. i said probably because she felt like she was either under suspicion or being attacked to some extent and her rudeness was likely just defensive in nature. i surely hope that is the case.  it's not clear of she lives in that area but she might i was told by his friend.  yes, the are searching for him but i told him people aren't much good unless they find articles of his he's  and that usually means they are dead and might be in the immediate area.  dogs will let them know where his scent stops and show an area where evidence of a vehicle or whatever might be connected. dogs are so much faster too obviously. i told him they have to get a big mouth involved for national media/news attention if they can. feds peek at stories like that . the other tip might force the hand to make a search official. i sure hope so cause it's a sound strategy. 

thx for any help anyone can provide. 

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