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Summer 2020 Start

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Had a good Summer last year, hoping for another.

Had good luck with the organic no till, no nutes forumula, hope that's still working.

I planted clover in the winter then put hay on it not too long ago. Always kept it watered so if there's worms in there hopefully they're still kicking.

Also added more microbes with the clover.

Added coconut water one week on the straw, did Alaska fish a different week. Might add some carbon and then bio live then that should be it for any additives.

We put these clones in cups last Monday the first of June. Late start for some. I try to fit the growing cycle to the natural lighting.

Going to start flower earlier this year maybe. Have to wait until the days get long enough to hold them in flower. I add LED light in the morning and evening so just stopping that could get them to flower but if the lighting isn't right they get all messed up later on.

I want to start earlier because the plants had 3 feet of bare stalks last year and the buds on the ceiling.




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I am so jealous of your setup.  My ideal setup would be centered around a greenhouse dug into the ground using thermal heat from the ground to keep the temperatures in check.  It would be integrated into the design of the home.  And it would grow a lot more than just cannabis.  

Someday i will die.  Until i do, it's a dream to sustain me.

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Didn't have any problems for several days then two days ago found this in the morning.

Also found a road runner over under the tables, noticed it had a rat trap on its leg.

Got it loose and went around outside and shooed him out, he was running and flying fine.

Hope he learned lesson.

Actually only lost one plant that was cut off at the ground. The rest perked back up.

Next day lost another plant and found a big rat with a trap on his nose but still alive.

I let him go and he ran off, I think he flipped me off when he was leaving but hopefully lesson learned.


I usually go from cups to 1 gallon but I'm going to put 30 in the beds, the rest into gallons.

I could have done it yesterday but it's hot right now and cooling tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon transplant day.




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Been fighting with mice, rats, and grasshoppers. Some plants were lost, some were half eaten, some doing good.

I have more plants than I need and tomorrow is a cool day so I'm putting the big ones in pots to replace the ones that were eaten in the boxes.

I dust the plants with dipel dust and flower 50-50. Flour for the grasshoppers and dipel to keep bud worms from hatching from the eggs laid by moths.






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I took a picture of this plant that had all leaves eaten off. Usually death, but this gal is coming back, probably going to be a patio plant but still.

Anyway if you look at the top right corner I captured a !$@$^@!! Grasshopper.


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