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Sacred Plant Warrior


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please post all sites/businesses dealing with cannabis that have ripped you off, been deceitful to get your money,  sell fake/knock off products or items without full disclosure to the customer. didn't do as they said/claimed after they got your money etc.

this can be gardening equipment/gear companies. seedbanks, breeders/pollen chuckers, nutrients/supplements as well.


I'll start with a company called SNEAKY PETE VAPORIZERS . i found them after checking some reviews on youtube of various products.

Arizer solo original was on sale approx. $115 . i was like cool, as my old arizer solo original finally gave up the ghost. it gave me at least 6/7 yrs of solid use. i also found how to use it with crumble to make it last a long time and save money like some seem to have in excess but i don't. 

i looked and saw a bubble straw in the arizer product area of the site. and since the solo was reasonable i decided to get the bubble starw for smoother more pleasant effects. https://www.sneakypetestore.com/collections/arizer-1/products/aqua-tube-portable-water-tool?variant=12315294406

i places the order and got the small discount code as well. arrived shortly via priority mail.which was day before yesterday basically. opened the package got excited and let it wait until later to celebrate . well much to my chagrin when i went to insert the bubble straw into the solo it didn't fit. it didn't even come closet to fitting. too big to be seated and only sat on top of the hole. herbs couldn't heat in that position and thus unit couldn't/wouldn't function as designed or intended to.

I HAD ALREADY NOTICED A SNEAKY PETE LOGO ON THE BUBBLE STRAW = hmm is that made by arizer. of course it was not as ARIZER STATED THEY DO NOT SELL/MANUFACTURE THOSE STEMS AND DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. All of which i have via email directly from ARIZER.COM Turns out later SNEAKY "ASS" PETE admitted that the stems are hand blown and thus not made by Arizer.com . so that made me wonder where did they get these arizer units that didn't have arizer stems ? which made me think that the units were knock offs frankly. i know the chamber was high shine stainless steel or at least it looked like that. but my original arizer solo had a brass colored chamber metal. and it didn't have a small rubber o-ring right atthe top of the chamber either. yes, i still have my original.

i was pissed but said to myself i'll get a refund of they don't send me one that fits, no biggy. so, at that time i said fuck it'll i'll use ot with the standard stems that come included. both a bent and straight stem. we, fuck me with no grease or warning. neither of those stems fit either and weren't about to. i was so upset if sneaky pete had been there i would have v=beat his sneaky ass down or tried to frfr. ijs

so, the complaint was made via FB messenger in detail. well , turns out the same lady that took my complaint was the lady that answered the phone when i called the next day. she told me it was her that took my message etc. etc.  she was a nice lady and we talked on for i don't know how long after business was done. she said i could call her when she was on duty from 8pm to 12 midnight. she said she liked me ... i don't want to hurt her feelings but what are the odds i'm not attracted to her lol. i'd say pretty good considering how nice she was and how much sense she made. she's 49 almost 50 if i recall. and she even told me her real name too Jeana. she could actually be fine as hell or at least good looking. i have no idea where she is but i do know i'm not moving any time soon lol.

so, back to Sneaky ASS Pete. turns out the company is likely chinese, korean or russian as the bank lady told me that's the norm when international c is used to charge a credit/debit card. which the company charged me $4 for without my knowledge. bank is going to refund thay charge as well as my money. dispute is set in motion and i gave bank lady all the screen shots of the emails she requested.  Yes, screen shots. this big bank doesn't have ot where you can just forward multiple emails unless they are all in a chain. smdh still i did as requested to document everything i said to her on the phone.

the company has drop shipment inside the united snakes as the package was shipped from nevada.  here is the link to the solo i bought. https://www.sneakypetestore.com/collections/arizer-1/products/arizer-solo?variant=29262799942 .


SPV Contact
Thu 7/2/2020 12:21 PM
Hey my friend, thanks for reaching out to us about this but sorry to hear you’re having a problem. We just want to make sure that the warehouse did in fact send you the right pipe, if the they sent the wrong piece by accident then that would certainly cause some fit problems. Can you please send us a photo fo the component you received and then we will be able to best advise moving forward. Talk to you soon, have a great rest of your morning!

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
Keep it green, keep it sneaky!
On Jul 1, 2020, at 1:52 PM, NUNYAH BUSINESS  wrote:
the issus is two fold. the bubble straw will not seat in the uit as designed for it to work. it sits on top of the area with no way to out it in because the straw doesn't fit = it's too big.
because of this i went to check the standard stems that come with the solo both the straight version and the bent version stems.
neither of those stems will fit as well. 
needless to say this is unacceptable. i felt something was wonky and thought this may be a knock off product because i have an original solo and i have never heard of any of their solo models where their stems didn't fit. not once instance btw have i ever heard. 
based on this i reached out to Arizer.com personally and told them the situation. Their response is as follows 
Arizer Service <service@arizer.com>
Tue 6/30/2020 3:36 PM
Hi ________,
Thank you for your detailed response.
My sincere apologies for the misunderstanding.
The Bubble Stems you have mentioned are third party products that are not sold/manufactured or recommended by Arizer.
So, with that reality and the fact that looking at the bubble stem and then the straight and bent stem it was clear to me they weren't made by arizer. plus the bubble stem was branded sneakey pete.  This is clearly a bad business practice because you d not allow us to know this before purchase. Your company should not deceive it's customers who think they are getting an original Arizer solo unit but in fact that is not the case. 
i spoke to Lilly who took my original complaint via facebook messenger and she said she would try ot get another until sent out brand new. i told her that would only be acceptable of the straight stem , bent stem and bubble stem were all tested to make sure they fit the unit. 
frankly I am more than miffed based on the fact that your company didn't disclose the reality of purchasing this product from you. I WAS TOLD SNEAKY PETE DOESN'T MANUFACTURE THE PRODUCT THEY ONLY SELL THEM.  The problem is how they are being sold n a deceitful way.  As a result of this DECEIT, I THE CUSTOMER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS IN A WAY THAT IS SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE ON ANY LEVEL. 
Based on all these facts I FEEL  YOU DON'T DESERVE MY PATRONAGE/MONEY AT ALL. With that said i want a full refund and for you to send shipping labels so i can send back your unit that doesn't function because of your own business practice that you should have fully disclosed to customers but chose not too.  I guess their is a reason the company is called "sneak pete" because it fits what i have experienced thus far. 
I will contact my bank tomorrow as it's to late now. i'll try by phone t deal with their customer service still. No customer should have to go through this nonsense


Thu 7/2/2020 8:27 PM

you need to physically send me shipping labels. i do not have a printer at my disposal.  btw the label needs to cover exactly what you sent so far as weight and size. all of which you are already privy too.


i'm also do not believing you don't run into fit problems since you don't check to make sure they fit before you package them. this is obvious because out of 3 stems none of them fit. please don't insult my intelligence further. your company has done that enough already.


i've sent all relevant documentation to my bank already to prove everything i told the bank rep the phone.  they asked me to screen shot all the emails and i did. i also did so for the emails directly from ARIZER.COM  so. 'm going to get my money no matter what your SNEAKY company does.


From: SPV Contact <info@sneakypetevaporizers.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2020 6:29 PM
To: NUNYAH BUSINESS <>Subject: Re: order 41410


Hey my friend, thanks for sending over the pictures to us, that’s super helpful. This is one of our most popular glass items and we don’t run into fit problems with these so sorry to hear there was one with yours. I’ve gone ahead and attached a return label down below, please go ahead and send back anything you are unhappy with and we’re happy to give you a full refund. Please just let us know when that is in the mail and then we’ll be able to process that for you. If you need anything else in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out, have a great rest of your afternoon!




Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
Keep it green, keep it sneaky!


On Jul 2, 2020, at 1:31 PM, NUNYAH BUSINESS  wrote:


Btw i just wanted to say you folks couldn't even get right what the items were that didn't fit. i didn't order a pipe.  THEN YOU SAY IF THEY SENT THE WRONG PIECE...  If your company did proper quality control, were not selling fraudulent stems/bubble straws and likely knockoff Arizer units that are not made by ARIZER.COM you wouldn't have these issues. You can best believe i will tell all my peeps about your company and it's deceitful practices and poor attempt at resolution as well.  your employee lilly (via phone and messenger)was the only positive thing about dealing with your company. every other aspect was abysmal.


you charge customers secretly to use their debit/credit card and don't disclose the charge = $4.00  btw i also know that because of how the charge was handled country of origin is not the UNITED SNAKES but a foreign country most likely china, korea, or russia.  i found this out because before sending this i was on the phone with my bank. that way i no longer have to put up with SNEAKY ASS PETE'S BULL SHIT, LIES/DECEITFUL BUSINESS PRACTICES.  




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So, got my refund and their sneaky asses blamed the added card charge on my bank. What they did not say was it was because of their overseas/foreign financial arrangement that it occurred. 

Fuk them and they are now on my boycott for life list. 

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Ok, so we have an instagram Poser to avoid. I’m going to cut and paste so I don’t forget the exact wording, 

Goat and Monkey ...

i asked basic question with respect .

Looked at your site and saw zero descriptions on the gear. Are y’all going to fix that ? 

Pretty sure y’all are busy and rather not answer the same questions on ur whole lineup repeatedly. Ijs ur mileage may vary

Their reply was as follows = Probably not

You either know what strains we are using or you don’t

All our stuff is made with elite, clone only strains


My reply to them = 

That’s one hell of an answer that doesn’t make for good relationships nor business. 

Fuck you and your BS company. 

I’ll be sure to spread you answer on the boards to give good legit peeps in the community a heads up to avoid you like the plague! 100 
Clown talking ass hole

later they wanted to contact me. I basically told them I said all I need too... I don’t know what they wanted to say, be ur damage Control or talk shit but didn’t matter. 

Ironically they were selling on their site “ OutKastt88” outkastt’s Blueberry x 88g13/hp. 

That blueberry is my no. 1 strain I love, smoked and had the cut too. 

I chucked my own exclusive pollen to her. I do know the go/ho is said to really over power/labs itself to what’s it need too. 

They could offer me those seeds for free and i’d tell them to kiss my ass frfr. Smdh 

i just unblocked them long enough to tell them I was keeping my word  to do as I said. Yup 




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So, to finish this. I found out the dude was generous to OutKast. And she did give him the pre2k bb.

they/age asked about the cross with 88g13-go but it wasn’t in stock. 

So, for me if you going to respond to a potential customer like that; it’s no way i’m Giving you my loot. 

You folks can do as u please as adults. The end 

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47 minutes ago, FoolOnTheHill said:

This forum is an extension to Sannie's shop.

You use it for the wrong purpose.

all the boards that have a shop attached to them discuss this type of thing, as well as other breeders/seed sellers reviews etc etc. what makes u think this isn't appropriate here ? hell icmag just started to allow all open discussion of other breeders finally. they would ban you in the past for doing that and it hurt them all along.  folks from other boards always spoke in regard to it being stupid how much and why they banned folks. quite often just for telling the truth or standing up to a well known member in a respectful way.

so, please explain your point further. btw if sannie feels it's not cool i'm not going to be upset he wants to delete it. ijs i respect you and your thoughts as always.

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1 hour ago, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

folks from other boards always spoke in regard to it being stupid how much and why they banned folks.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Use twitter or something.

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@FoolOnTheHill pls read a different thread if this one is not to your liking.
so far no 'board rules' were broken ... try to enjoy your day and calm down.

thank you for trying to help, but this reads just aggresive and is much closer to
what we don't want to see here, than anything else posted in this thread so far.

SPW just ended the thread and now you prolong it?
*a bit foolish, if you ask me*

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On 7/30/2020 at 2:24 PM, santero said:

so far no 'board rules' were broken ...

I did not mention rules.

But do we have any?

Where can I read them?

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On 7/28/2020 at 11:16 PM, FoolOnTheHill said:

What the fuck are you talking about?

Use twitter or something.

it was speaking on icmag which is notorious for censorship/banning folks that doesn't make sense. u can't just take that one sentence alone to understand the point. maybe u were puffing some of ur serious dank and got lost idk.

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ok, nails with heads ... coming right up ;)

the main thing is that you started your BS after SPW already said he is done.
what's your point? (other then make u-self look like an actual 'fool' right now?)

i don't think that sannie ever even NEEDED to post any board rules, because
adults without bias or agendas usually can behave by themselves just fine.
the quotes were there for a reason btw, but i don't think your sarcastic and
passive aggressive (lol) post was meant (to be taken) serious anyhow ...

imho, a rule you'd need to learn at this moment in u life is:
a little "nettiquette" doesn't harm anyone, not even you ;)

@Sacred Plant Warrior
bro, i'll close this one here. thank you for lett'n us know about ur experience.
sad you had a bad one, good that you let others know, so they don't have to
endure the same *big up*

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