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Dirt toker style

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I love foxfarms products

Say that off the bat


This is prolly a Testament to them

I have used the same soil like 4 times already lol

Noticed no mites knock on wood

And the neam spray handles them perfect

But since nothing new comes in house to

Been very nice so far.

After every grow i flush the living shit out of the dirt in the tub

I shake all soil off root ball and put in pot.

Thats it.

For microbes i use fish emulsions

And for nutes the fox farm staged products

My soil is kinda like hempy in a small way

The original nutes been depleated long ago

But the flush and then adding just fucking works

I suppose i head to nursery and stock up on 

Soil but i really have not needed it

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Im still using same dirt

Same shit

I did buy new happy frog

The autos are in that soil

Im using the new stuff to replace

What i loose each grow

Fox farm products are excellent

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FFOF is pretty good stuff. I recently tried a brand of soil called Coast of Maine. The plants look a little better, but I'm not seeing bigger buds yet (week 3 of flower). Also, the soil is TWICE THE PRICE of FFOF.

I usually mix my own, but no time this grow. If I would do one thing to improve FFOF, it would be to add a little more perlite.

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