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Small wintergrow 2020

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Chocolate Rain (smaller plant)




The whole grow is developing good, so far.

The later sown plants have reached a certain age, next week, I exspect them to show sex. Some males did and are gone.

Chocolate Rain and Malzilla are behind in building buds. The Malzilla has at least 50days to ripe and no hurry at all. CR is building resin and flowers late,as I know from previous grows. Sour Lemon Haze looks ready after 40 days, looking at the size and shape of her buds. Huckleberry Kush x Snow Queen is building slowly golfball buds.

To be continued...



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2 hours ago, smilestyle said:


Female Petrolia Headstash. She has shown sex at 5 nodes, while the older plants were switched to 12/12 at 7 nodes.



what light schedule do you sex under and what type of lights. i'm waiting to get some PHS, i need that in my vault and life as well. mos def !

looking very nice i must say. congrats dude. what size pot is that and what medium in use ? just followed = weekly updates i guess it's the same as subscribed. not sure

dude who/what breeder is CSC ?

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CSC is Cannabella Seed Club. You can find their breeds at mycannapot at Cannapot.eu. They are members at opengrow.(Silas & Jamal)

 My other plants are flowering. The new plants all grew up under 12/12 600w HPS, the light I´m using for flowering. The different strains don´t show sex  at the same time. I still wait for Blue Lemon Haze, Chocolate Trip and Durban Thai Highflyer f3.

 The pot size varies from 8 L (Sour Lemon Haze) to 11L (Malzilla), sharing 11L (Huck´Kush x Snow Queen) and sharing 15 L (Chocolate Rain).

The new plants are in 4L a.t.m. until they show sex. Then it´s  time to say Goodbye or upotting time.

The medium I use is Plagron grow mix, which is pre fertilized for 3-4 weeks. Now I add biobizz bloom every other watering, later I´ll give  topmax, the bloombooster from biobizz.



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Sour Lemon Haze at 41days 12/12

When you look at her buds, she could be ready ... size and resin, its all there.

But she has  3 weeks to go and the buds are still getting fatter and fatter.


Dangerous, well paid guard




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