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It's the first day of week six, so it's time for an update.

Here's the whole gang. I've found that I still have a low-level thrip problem. I hammered them with both pyrethrins and Nuke 'Em, as seedlings/young plants and that seemed to have done it, but I noticed the tell-tale signs on a lower leaf and there they were. So the lower parts of all plants got hit with Nuke 'Em, which isn't actually recommended for thrips, but it seems to kill them. They'll get hit again, tonight.

I guess thrips don't like a lot of light, because I haven't found any near plant tops. My nematodes might be keeping them in check, too.


Bebop (Arise x Blueberry Cookies) is the most interesting, scent-wise, so far. All three are a little different. The first here is both fruity and has that minty scent. I assume this one is blueberry cookies leaning. The next is mostly just sweet and fruity. The third is restaurant-dumpster-in-August-during-a-sanitation-workers-strike + burning tire + fuel:




This last stinky one also looks like she may finish up sooner than the rest.

These next two are the Sugar Punch gals. This one has undeveloped scents — mostly "green" and sweet. The next is even sweeter scented.



Like most of Sannie's sativas, it looks like Sugar Punch wants to produce large colas.

Here are the two Golden Goats — all cured of their pH issue. If you grow this, go for a pH closer to 6, in soil. The first is the Hallelujah pheno, which is coming along an no longer threatening to go long. The second is the short pheno, which is most notable for its shortness, so I thought fast and came up with that name. I can think fast on my feet.



The purple one back there is not it.

This is the Storm Shadow clone, that appears to have tobacco mosaic virus:



Now the Planet of the Grapes girls — Different degrees of grape. The most colorful one has the least scent.




And finally, the strain that has kept me sane for the last 4 months, my Lemon Sunrise cut. She's not sure when she's going to demand more supports, but she is sure she will demand them.


This is a potential mama plant for a Lemon Thai male, but I'm not sure If I want to cross the lemon Thai to another strong lemon scented plant. Anyway, she kicks ass.

Until the end of week 6… Happy trails.
















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awesome! thanks for sharing


but I'm not sure If I want to cross the lemon Thai to another strong lemon scented plant.

you definitely must!!

i love the thai high and the sour lemon taste


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It's the end of week 6, so an update from the gang. Some of the more flamboyant girls are labelled.


As I should have suspected, Sugar Punch is a donkey dick producer. Also, she doesn't give a shit about the ultra-bright LEDs. Even though she's closest, she's not burned at all. Several of the others got some burn. I turned the light down a bit. Next grow I'll be more height-conscious.

This is the fruity-minty Bebop, in the front. You can see her leaves are a little tacoed.


The Storm Shadow cut from last time, who got seeded inside and out. She's in a chastity belt now.


P of the Gs:


The Sugar Punch future Donkey Dick:


This is the Golden Goat, Hallelujah pheno. I doubt she'll go any longer than the SP:


She got some LED burn.

The other gal who seems to have been burned by the light is the Lemon Sunrise gal:


Unless that's a nute deficiency.

It's pretty obvious to me that Lemon Sunrise is one of my favorites. I ran out on Friday night and have been in tears ever since. I'll have to suffer for about another 4 weeks. Weep for me.









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Looking good :verrygood

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