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aloha folks,

 i'm wanting grower feedback from those who have run USC's indica offerings. which of these 4 Strains wins for heaviest/most potent couch lock type of stone ?  any other relevant info on these that u think is relevant info for these strains please add that as well.  thank you all in advance for any assistance.





please list/rate them from 1 -4 with 1 being best for my criteria. thank you in advance folks

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I just tested Ouzbékistan about 2 years ago, thanks to Cristalin and it was not couchlock on my opinion.

It was very calming and pleasant high but not very narcotic or sedative on 4 females. The darkest pheno was the better in taste and stone, a little bit longer to finish.

Infortunately i didnt succeeded in keeping her because of her landrace traits (flowering in 18/6) and i had to move out...

I'm not sure to help you but i'm interessed in the answer too that i want the same in my garden...

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Hi @Sacred Plant Warrior

I only can give my two cents on 'Black Afghani' and 'Turkish'.

'Black Afghani'
BA has a complex aroma which taste to me like different tea mixed with different kind of spices, very complex imo (I have to evaluate this more specific). The smoke is superb and give you full body and mind relaxation. It's a top pain relief and has a sleeping promoting effect. This cultivar is good for medicinal use or people how search for deep relaxation.

This one hit's heavy! Had this one outdoors this year and it finished mid. of September here at 50° lat. The aromas of this one reminds me of cedar and mint somehow, aromas and taste  are similar to other cultivars like Maroc, Lebanese (going to evaluate this more specific). This cultivar is best if yourself want to knock out. After smoking this your body and mind become both very heavy. You better have a couch, bed or something in reach where you have the possibility to sink into a relaxed position because this it what happens quite fast and you will fall into a deep sleep.

Please note that everyone has different consumption habits and the effect that appears strong for someone appears different for someone else.

As I only had one plant each of them I don't wanted to rate them on that specific trait. I still hope that this short report will be of some help.

all best

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