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My outside Grow 2021 the year of havoc

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Good Day so I have started my seeds for my outside grow on February 16th 2021 getting ready for the outside season here in the cold

of upstate New York and no we are not a grow state :(

so plant count has no real meaning one or a hundred is about the same 

but grow I shall ;)

a list


10 - Outside mix from Hybrids from Hell freebies

10 - Chocolate OG from So Cal Seed Vault

5 - DJ Short Blue Berry x Original Haze Alter Ego

6 - NL#5 x Sensi Star F2 from @HolyAngel

5 - Blue Berry IBL F9

8 - TrainWreck x 88 G13 Hashplant F2

5 - highland oaxacan gold Alter Ego

5 - Killing Fields F7 Buy Killingfields seeds Sannie

5 - General’s Daughter freebies with an order General’s Daughter – Fleur du Mal Seed

10 - Holy Goddess - Santa Shiva x Holy Princess

5 - Vigorosa Sativum = Jillybean as the mother and Sativa Scream by Jinxproof as the father.

5 - northern lights ( Hash Plant Pheno) x Mexican Stavia 

5 - Black Lotus x Zipolite Oaxacan

5 - Blackberry Kush X Amnesia Haze


so I have a few things going to work with outside this season





I am working on a bakers rack with five shelves I have 4 foot LED 42 watt t-5 replace fixtures two on each shelf

I get 48 on each shelf in18oz solo cups





plant time



Highland Oaxacan Gold or H.O.G.



NL #5/Haze x Sensi Star F2


Holy Goddess santero  Santa Shiva x Holy Princess


General's Daughter  G13 x C99


Blue Berry IBL DJ Short so they say


Blue Berry x Haze old seeds two made it :(





a Box of Chocolate mix I have list I will up it they are growing like fire 


Black Lotus x Zipolite Oaxacn


Train Wreck x 88 G13 Hash Plant F2


Hybrids from Hell outdoor mix a Danish Breeder


Chocolate OG


Vigorosa Sativum = Jillybean as the mother and Sativa Scream by Jinxproof as the father. I know nothing about but I needed another Satvia 


Northern Lights (hash plant pheno) x Mexican Satvia


Killing Fields F7 from Sannie's

so next planting is on 3/9/2021 I have a lot more to plant so in between I will get this up to date

all the best and enjoy the day and be safe



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my bad wrong section some please move to outdoors :(

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Dang man, that is a bunch!! There are some amazing stuff in that line up!! You can open you own dispensary or like us, just puff way more so for the extra  covid protection.

No outdoor for me, I'm like  2 miles from the cop shop as it is. I feel blessed, after all these years, (21) of being un-noticed.

Being south of your border, *have scissors, will travel*  when the time comes!!

Have a great harvest man!!

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dude i stumbled here because i saw u list the BLUBERRY IBL at a new site. my love for certain BB's landed me here to see all those plants u doing. golly, shazam and even two BB X HAZE. i contemplated a blue dream cross and bubba katsu  last night some bhodhi gear. i guess sooner or later i'll get some bhodhi stuff.

nice to see all this variety frfr. i'm green with envy in a good way. congrats and may the porn be epic. :grinning_respect:

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