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Clone the new from hso

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Hello,I run clones  strain the new HSO.

1  crescendo and 1 citral glue from ethos.Using 680w LEDs mix Coco soil and Sannie's nutes,bacto, Trichoderma...

First weeks flowering.Perlaps I have a little too much plants in box...

Picture speak more,all comments are welcome.

Big up have good vibes One Love.




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Pictures and video update.The 2 plants in front who don't start flower is Ethos seedlings citral glue and Crescendo.

Other plants clones from HSO strain the new.

First month flower comments are welcome.

Do you think I must cut down more leafs for light better penetrated canopy ?

Have good vibes One Love.


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Hello new update I cut some leaves for better light in buds and air circulation...

The New strain phenotype I grow is very indica and compact.

The 2 Ethos genetics strain are more sativa like you can see.

Citral glue look very frosty since first weeks flower....

Have good vibes One Love.

Thanks for watching and comments.



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