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Rhaspberry Truffle

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This was a limited release by e$ko, and then repo'ed by San. San sent a lot of these out and they were also on SeedHeaven for awhile. I just wanted to make a thread for people to show their Rhaspberry Truffle grows. I love the aroma, the high, and the structure of this plant - short and tough, is extremely nice.


the "rhaspberry truffle" are realy amazing, imo. they are strawberry/rhaspberry and don't take longer than 8-9w. she bears good yields and has the typical eskobar-highfly effect. the f2 was made with two males and two females that leaned to each side of things. both pairs of fathers and mothers were fairly uniform (the males just a tad taller than the female counterpart) but with the distinct smells on stemrub and appearance of pheno-type in structure. sm has a strawberry smell and a zigzag-shaped mainstem and the chocolate rain does stretch more, has farther appart internodes and brings in heavy rhaspberry smells into the cheesy/strawberry-"sm" mother. the mother was cerise d'exo planck (that esko confused with the sm planck), the male was his f3 choco rain male = same father as in your rhaspberry haze.

Here's some of mine:

latest re-run


Earlier version:









... please post more

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Far out Zanzibar, that 4th pic on your 1st post is siiiick. So phat..
how is the high man?- she looks killer. Hope to see some others post up. I would if I had it; I like threads where all can share their grows. Gives a good spread of opinions on the strain. 


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